Opinions Please on Nordost 2HENET2M and Nordost LSRD1MR

My home theater dealer recommends these cables to use with my soon-to-buy Sim 330A Amp and Lumin T2 streamer.  Nordost 2HENET2M and Nordost lsrd1MR. He also recommends this for ethernet:

Cleerline SSF-48UHD-AOC-15m

SSF 8K/UHD 48Gbps Active Optical HDMI 49.21ft / 15m

The cables seem like a lot of money but if they are worth it I am willing to spend the money

My receiver is the Anthem 1120 and my front three speakers are Paradigm 85F and 55C. The cables seem expensive but he suggests if I am to get the most out of my equipment I should have them. I have heard the equipment in the showroom and it all sounded great. Any opinions on the cables appreciated

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Don't waste money on expensive wire/cables! The whole wire/cable business is based upon convincing the obsessed and insecure that paying more always results in "better" sound! 
Your dealer should be willing to come to your home and install the new cables for you to do a listening test.  Or at least give you a demo set to try yourself.  Then you will know if the upgrade is worth it.  
Nordost is bright sounding seek other cables Sim is also a bit lean perhaps nordost is his only line we switched from nordost to wireworld and found them to be better souinding

Dave and troy
Thanks for the opinions on cables. My dealer talks about the importance of speaker wire and interconnects. He has some great systems in his showroom with the cables.  Thanks, I need to test at home 
Smart choice.  Cables are very important, but only if you, in your own system, hear an upgrade commensurate with the price.  When you are buying full price from a dealer, you are entitled to a demo.  If not, why not just buy used at 1/2 price?  I'm sure your dealer doesn't want you to buy some expensive cables and then go home and be disappointed.