Oppo 981 redbook sound

I have read various posts about other dimensions of this player,but wondered how two channel redbook is,especially compared to $500-700 cd players?
i own a nad cdp and this oppo. in my system the nad outperforms it with rb. better bass and overall quality. but the dual lasers and universal capabilities of oppo make it a great backup as cdp cannot read all formats at full potential and certain types at all! new one just came out for $150 for audio mainly use. i use tubes fwiw. newer cd formats are less noticebly inferior on oppo.
Use it into a prepro for as good as it gets. Sterophile said the 971 (old unit) as a transport with a good DAC equaled to the Ayre cx-5 universal player that beat the cx-7e in 2 channel performance in there review!

This only confirms what Ive been saying for a while. Buy a killer prepro and a oppo for transport. Its as good as anything as a transport, and you get good video also, and sacd and dvd audio sound. Also REGION FREE!
I bought a 981HD and tried it for myself. Awesome transport, and a great 2 channel performer as well. I cant see speanding more personally. In all the fairness, the PS3 was pretty much on par with its video playback with standard DVD's upconverted. I also personally didnt like the volume control on the Oppo without a way to disable it. I also didnt like the sound settings. These need to be disabled so you dont accidently turn one off. They sound aweful and unusable anyway, why even include this?