Oppo BDP-105 audio input question.

Aside from the fact that the Coax and Toslink can't support 24/192, is there any difference between these inputs and the USB input?

I'm currently using foobar with WASAPI, directly from the motherboard coax out to the Oppo coax in. Is there a better way? Thanks!
I am using HDMI and it works well. It's a great gapless multi-channel solution, too. 8 channels of 24/192. Does your MB have HDMI?
No, it doesn't have HDMI. Just wondering if it would make a difference if I did use the HDMI input.
Toslink and Coaxial inputs will allow multi-channel, or stereo sound. The USB will only provide stereo sound.
Hey Sed. How do you like the sound of your 105? I saw your comment when it was in a box in your office.