Oppo UDP-205 Availability

As an FYI for those hoping to buy an Oppo UDP-205 when availability resumes, I was informed by Oppo that those people who registered their email address at Oppo’s website will have the first opportunity at purchasing a unit. I was told that retailers will not receive any players for resale.
I had paid for a unit which through Magnolia Design Center in Atlanta which was a farce. I was told the player was in their inventory. Once informed that I was being mislead I was given the option of having Magnolia keep my payment so that I would be first in line once availability resumed. I declined. The main reason for my post is to inform anyone who left payment with any retailer that they may want to reconsider their decision. 
I’m basing this on a conversation with sales and assuming it is correct information.
I am one of those Magnolia customers.  I bought from them after being told they still had 18 in inventory.  I have slso been keeping track of what OPPO is saying on their website.  I have of course left my contact info with OPPO but am inclined to keep my funds at Magnolia on a just in case basis.  I REALLY want a 205.
   I was notified by OPPO yesterday that my wait was over for an OPPO UDP-205.  I immediately confirmed my interest, plunked down my credit card,  and was notified this morning that I can pick it up directly from their facility today!  So off I go to get my new 205!
  Meanwhile, my requested refund from Magnolia was processed so it feels almost like I am getting it for free.  
If your buying the Oppo 205 to flip , great return on your money ! 

For some the 205 will be all they need and want , it’s fantastic with movies , I bought a used ModWright 205 last year and gave my Panasonic DVD player to Salvation Army.

As for audio playback only personally I would not spend the money on the ModWright upgrades just for that ,it does not compete with a better audio only choices. 
However in my opinion the 205 is a top performer for movies and their sound tracks especially concerts made better with the Modwright upgrades.

I disagree. I use to own an Oppo 105 Modright modded player. It beat many higher priced dac's at that time.
Jwm well you can disagree ,
I to will agree the Modwright Oppo 205 could and did surpass the performance of other more expensive audio only players
However in this great hobby and like most if not all have experience making bad purchasing decisions and at the top of the list of lessons learned , for me anyway , price of said component has absolutely no bearing on performance ,..

I have had a few digital playback components in my system over pass few years and just currently I borrowed some and directly purchased with a in home trial , all of which the Modwright 205 could not compete with , at all ,...The Modwright Oppo 205 simply could not perform on the same level of musicality the other combination of components produced.

Like I said previously, people may be perfectly happy and content with the Oppo 205 however if you are really serious money spent on a stock 205 including the full package Modwright upgrade would be better put toward on selected audio only playback components,..

I’ll continue to enjoy movies and concerts through my Oppo 205 ,..

The Oppo Modright modded 105 beat the Play Back Designs MPD-5 dac which retailed for 15,000.00. It was not even close. So I still disagree with you that was a great player.
Lol well you can hang on to that notion the Oppo Delta Sigma based dac is the best digital playback you have experienced and you could get even better performance out of it by simply changing out the power supply board that’s available or even have Modwright do a full upgrade at the end of the day its still a crappy Delta sigma dac easily outperformed by any number of R2R ladder dacs on the market . 
The Oppo could make a good transport I suppose using Empirical Audio  Syncro mesh I guess however with the self generated noise electrical and mechanical it generates in that tin box I just cannot agree at all with your belief.
Hey guys, my Modwright 205 with tube output stage is crushing the other DACs that come through my listening room. I also have the Direct Stream DAC with the latest firmware and the Oppo just blows it away. I haven’t had a 30K DAC in here so I wont make any bold comparison but the Modwright 205 is a bargain at its price. Im enjoying my 2 channel and video. 
Lancelock I wish what you say would be true for my experience with the Modwright 205, I’ve burt through 1000s in a few short moths trying to make improvements to my digital playback,,...

However what I found with my Modwright 205 was a impressive improvement by placing four Symposium RollerBlock 2+ under it , the picture quality immediately took a leap which seem to really stabilize the contrast , colors and fine detail with overall transparency markedly improved by simply draining away self induced vibrations from that direct drive motor and spinning the DVD . Audio also noticeably improved however not as much as video . Including using WireWorld Platinum Starlight HDMI cable which was the cheery on top .
The number one issue with digital audio as you know is jitter which can turn music into a mediocre mess . I know if using a Empirical Syncro Reclocker you get a player that really is eye opening however I’ve been down that road borrowing a Reclocker and compared to my audio only playback components the tricked out Modwright Oppo 205 will remain as a stellar video performer .