Optical Phono Cartridges

OK, I have been out of the "newest item" game since I sold my shop years ago, but recently ran into the idea of optical phono cartridges.  I do use an "optical out" on my surround system, but I don't remember seeing any discussions on the Forum of these items.  If I missed the posts, I apologize for bringing up an item that has been discussed.  However, I would appreciate either a pointer to those discussions on the Forum, or to open this up to comments.



After trying many MM and MC cartridges in my system, including a 10K Blue Dragon, I now have a DS audio cartridge, and there is no going back. The lower-priced DS cart sounds better than the best MC cart I've had.

I have the entry level DS E1 cartridge on my vintage Kenwood KD-650 turntable. I am very pleased with the quality of sound. Please try to find a dealer so that you can audition this cartridge setup. 

I’ve been debating on getting a DS Audio cartridge, but you’ll need to purchase an equalizer which raises the cost.  So I’ve been eyeing several DS carts maybe coupled with EMM Labs Meitner DS-EQ1 equalizer. 

It is absolutely worth learning more about, auditioning and if possible evaluating in your system.