Oracle Alexandria turntable question

Anyone have an opinion if this turntable is worth fixing if I pick it up for $80?

It has a broken leg, broken dust cover and powers up but platter won't spin.

That's all I know and I've seen only pictures as it's an hour's drive away.

Thanks all.


For $80 if you have the know how to fix it why not? It's worth more than that in parts I'm sure.

Don’t have a clue how to fix it and a little research says parts are scarce. Maybe I’ll pick it up and if it’s too much trouble to fix, part it out. But it would be a cool project to attempt once it’s determined what’s wrong! I read they’re dandy tables.

I have a Delphi so can't speak to the Alexandria. However, Jacques at Oracle answers emails. They usually have parts. Also, there's a FB group of Oracle owners, which Jacques is a member. 

Nice sounding turntable but difficult to maintain.   I have one and would pay $200 for yours to use for parts. 

@thecarpathian I regularly spend (waste) $80 on old and imperfect audio gear to try it and then if it doesn't work out: sell it. I am probably in the red as I have 3 items waiting to fix. (I never fixed anything in my life, have disassembled electronics in plastic bags in every corner in my garage.

Still, I would say that the simplest, dumbest component is the turntable, easiest to fix. Is it worth $80 for the parts alone?  

I would say parts alone are well north of $80.

Thing is it's close to 100 miles away. Still weighing time and gas to pick up a broken turntable whose parts are really hard to acquire.

I wouldn't drive for the turntable alone, that's 3 hours. Shipping would be fairly cheap though. 

Unless you have some particular emotional reason for the brand. I know I would drive 3 hours for Celestion SL6 speakers.

Yeah, thinking about asking the guy if he’s willing to ship, can’t hurt the thing as it’s already broken and the worst he can say is no. Seems like a lot of hub bub over something I’m just curious about. Pride in getting it running and all that but hardly a priority at this time...