Oracle Delphi vs. ??? fill in the blank.

I really like the look of the delphi, a friend once had one that obviously left an impression on me. But i'm not convinced that it is the right table to get.
I am running a Kenwood "rock" cultured marble/granite plinth table now and dierly want to upgrade.
the rest of my system is I had a Levinson 28 (wife made me sell it... spells divorce for some. ha!) and am looking for one again a or better model 280s perhaps?, and still presently have two counterpoint sa-20 power amps going into a pair of Dynaudio Twynn MTM towers with custom heavy dampening and Solen heptalitz-wire inductors and fast metalized poly capsx-overs and monster internal cables, also a Teac VRDS 6030s tape deck. Synergistic Inouye line conditioner
I even made my own stand from aluminum and 3/4" granite shelves all spiked individually i would show you a pic but i am traveling and don't have one handy. the thing weighs 450pounds! thats without equipment on it!!
blah.blah.blah anyway the reason why i'm here is,
Please help! Any other tables to look at that compare to the oracle? or should I just buy the damb thing! looking $2000-3000 range.
I couldn't agree more with Sirspeedy - a classic, undervalued performer indeed.
For reasons I can't remember now, my main table was out of commission so I happened across a MK1 very cheaply that needed the suspension reconditioned. Oracles customer service could not have been better, especially considering I am in Japan - they dealt directly, avoiding the know nothing greedy distributor here. At the same time I had a friends Micro Seiki SV555 I was setting up. That table is their second biggest plinth mounted table, air bearing with suction platter.
My friend had said I could keep his Micro until I got my main table back. IMHO the Oracle killed it with musicality and air - I was more than happy to give the Micro back and clear the space it occupied.
So, I have a major soft spot for the Oracle and if I were on a tighter budget that is a table I could very happily live with.
As for the bum rap suspended tables seem to get over bass performance - I couldn't really agree providing the time and attention is given to tuning the suspension.
Hope that helps and good luck with your choice.
Hi to all
Recently I bought a used Oracle mk2 from another Audiogoner,also bought a mint Rega RB 1000 to go with.I am still building my analog rig and need phono and cartridge.In your opinion what is a good phono match for this combo?Also recommendations for a good cartridge.
The Avid line of tables are somewhat similiar to Oracle's and have received nothing but positive reviews. Some have said they are an Oracle on steriods. I own the Volvare and it has been a flawless performer. I have nothing negative to say. I think it works best on a rack that drains energy/vibration rather than the heavily damped/high mass designs.
i couldn't agree more
sir speedy has hit the nail right on the head
the oracle delphi is truly UNDERESTIMATED
All oracle delphis are very neutral with great speed attack and dynamics
add to this great imaging soundstaging detail and an accurate bass performance and you'll begin to get the picture
some may prefer a more weightier fuller sound
this also can be achieved via the arm and cartridge choice
I am currently using an Oracle Delphi mkV SE (turbo PS and granite base) with a Graham Phantom/Helikon combo. In absolute terms, I cannot rate the Oracle versus all the available turntables currently available. However, in musical terms the Oracle/Phantom/Helikon (with the appropriate associated gear) is glorious in its music making capabilities: panoramic soundstage openness and air, transient agility/speed, natural and robust midrange, delicate and extended highs, articulate and powerful bass, etc; all against a background of mechanical quietude. Yes, I agree with Sirspeedy, it is way underrated especially the mkV version with the granite base.aN