Looking for new/sealed blank high bias type II cassette tapes

Anyone in the U.S. have a bulk quantities? I would like to buy at least 100 of them, at $2 each plus shipping. I’m in SoCal.  I'm not an eBay seller. Thanks.


Hate to tell you, but sealed tapes go for around $10.00 a piece. I buy used ones for around $2-3.00 when I need them now. I have a Nak and I completely erase them before I re-record over them and that works out fine, no bleed through that I can tell. And good brands like Maxell and TDK rarely have drop outs. So you can try what I do. 

I say that because I remember selling boxes of 10 of either Maxell/TDK for $18-20.00 back in the 80's, so $2.00 today for sealed is not going to happen unless someone is very generous. Indeed, with inflation over the last 40 years, and no new production to speak of, $10 a tape sealed is actually a "fair" price in today's market. Best of luck regardless. 

Take a look @ tapes.com.

Not familiar with them myself, but they are located in the USA.



Yes, good luck finding them for 2 bucks! I've seen some on ebay in the 25-40  range! I bought many sealed cassettes of various brands, tdk, maxell, basf, realistic, etc....however, I'm hanging on to them. I don't have anywhere near 100 of them, but what I do have will last the rest of My life I'm sure.

I have found them on Craigslist before for super cheap, $1-$2 each, brand new. So I’m just asking in case someone wanted to get rid of them. eBay prices don’t mean anything to me, they don’t control what I’m going to pay.