Oracle psu -help??

Hi there,
I have just taken delivery of an Oracle Mk 11 form the states. Strangely enough the psu/transformer is marked as 220v input. I'm assured the table was used for 18 years with this transformer from 110v.
I mistakenly thought it was modified - it's not but on this info , I think Oracle are just playing safe and saying not to use it.
They say source one locally - but source what

The psu is marked as outputing 27VDC - the sheet for the voltage stabiliser says it (psu)should be outputing 34-36 VDC into the voltage stabiliser which converts (I hope) to 27VDC INto the turntable.
Would a 220V have worked ok for all these years from 110v.
Any ideas how I find out - it seems strange it would be marked 220v input and not be.
Short of plugging it in and possibly blowing it up, I'm stumped !
I'm not exactly sure, but I think you can get a convertor from Radio Shack that transforms 110v to 30VDC for about $30. Speed adjustment control on the turntable motor and a strobe/disc would take care of the rest of the problem, short of ordering a new psu from Oracle. I believe Oracle also has an upgraded psu as well, but I'm not sure of the cost ($$$).
If its marked 220 plugging into 120 will not hurt it. I'd plug it in and see if you get 27 volts out of it. My first Oracle was a Mk II, I got used and the power supply was broke. Took it apart, just a transformer, diode and cap. The lead broke off the transformer, resoldered and put a new cap in it and worked fine. It will run the table without the stabilizer. I got 27v out of my stabilizer, was going to try to rebuilt that also, but it was potted with very hard epoxy. Forget getting replacements from Oracle. Looked into it. You have to upgrade the motor and power supply, which means getting a whole new base and having your sub-platter machined. Probably cost more than what you paid for your table.


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Thanks guys,
I'm going to try the psu/transformer on a variac.
If it's indeed 220V I'm laughing.
Then all I have to do is find out why the table runs fast, at least so I am told.
Probably just need to replace the trim pots in the motor housing. Need to get a new armboard made when I decide what to use with it - Roksan Tabriz, Syrinx PU3 or well tempered - have them all just not sure which to use, fancy the PU 3.
Interesting that the sub platter and base need changed - kind of kills any upgrades I had planned - the V retails here for £3,800 GULP!

Table up & running using a 110V transformer.
Spped fine after adjustment but I still need to find out
if the psu is actually 220V.
Adapted the SME board & fiited the Syrinx - sounds marvellous.
The dc motor seems to add a clarity all my ac/motor powered tables can't quite match and wonder why Oracle have now went ac?
Just praying the Pabst motor runs for another 20 years and if so it will outlast me.