Origin Live Tonearm Won't Stay Vertical...Help.


I’m not mechanical so I had a local former audio dealer install my Origin Live Illustrious III tonearm to my Resolution IV turntable.  And he’s having a problem:

When he attempts to level the tonearm so that there is no extreme pulling backwards (as if anti-skate is set to beyond maximum), the collet locking screw must be loose.  When the screw is loose the tonearm flops around to the place where the extreme pulling backwards effect is minimized.  However, when the collet locking screw is tightened to hold it securely to the tonearm board, the tonearm is no longer properly vertical, which creates the extreme backwards tendency.  Consequently we aren’t able to lock down the collet screw, and keep the tonearm vertical and eliminate the extreme pulling backwards.

Does anybody have any recommendations?


Can you explain what you are trying to accomplish. I think you are trying to mount the arm. The nut goes on hand tight per OL's instructions. If the arm is pulling hard towards either side, then I would check t& make sure  the TT is level. If it doesn't stay in place then your arm board or TT is out of level. Not sure if that is helpful but its the best I can do with the info.