Ortofon 2M Bronze vs. Grado Reference platinum

Yes...I read all the threads about this issue in the forum history...

I have the Rega Planar 3 TT + Rega Elicit Amp. I love both.
My amazing Nottingham Analogue Tracer 1 cartridge died and is no longer available.
I bought the Grado Reference platinum. I know I'm not suppose to judge it before 20 hours of listening passed but I tend to think it lacks the detailed sound of the Nottingham Analogue cartridge. I'm considering the Ortofon 2M Bronze but I fear it would sound too cold for me.
There is a notion where I live that for the budget of a 400$ you have to chose between the high details of the Ontofon Bronze and the warmth of the Grado reference platinum. You can't have both.

1. How on earth am I supposed to judge something if I can't hear it before I buy it.
2. Somebody suggested a third option : Ortofon Rondo Red MC cartridge but I'm not sure my beloved Rega Elicit MC input is good enough to fit the Rondo MC (It can support MC cartridges by setting on-board dip switches) ... Any thoughts ? Would this be a lipstick on a pig ?
3 Any ideas for other MM options within the area of 400$ ?
Ive owned the 2M Bronze, and currently listen to 2M Blue. The Bronze was mounted on a Sota Comet and RB300 arm. Its a very good cartridge. I would describe it as a bit dry and detailed, but not cold. However, I actually prefer the Blue. Its mounted on a OL Silver arm and OL Aurora TT. It isnt quite as detailed as the bronze, but it is more musical, which for me means more involving. Plus, its less money. But you really cant go worng with either.

If you want to try MC, I think the Zu modded Denon 103 looks interesting.
I'm impressed by the complexity of how people here describe sound. I still need to catch up...
Until then, can you please explain the term "musical". If the blue is more "musical" does it mean it's warmer and more resonant ?
I'll tell you what I miss in the Grado and this way we might figure out what I need:
My ultimate test for sound and what determines if any component is good for me (personally) is when I play Barbra Streisand's "Memory"
When I played it with the Nottingham Analogue Tracer 1 cartridge it was extremely detailed (I could here amazing overtones and vibes in Streisand's voice) but at the same time it was mellow and non aggressive. My fear with the bronze is that for details I'll have to sacrifice softness which eventually leads to ear fatigue,in my case.
To me musical means sounds more like real music rather than a recording. Why does one sound musical and the aother does not? I dont know. I just describe what I hear. There are also many online reviews of the entire 2M line-up. Cheers.
I really like my Ortofon MC-3 turbo (high output MC) for less than $300 US new. Some good reviews on it also...
A Dynavector 10X5, would be just the thing for you. You may need the shim and this may stretch your budget a bit. However it will be worth and most (I think) folks would agree that the Dyna plays extremely well with the Rega tables.