Ortofon SPU's outdated design?

Hi folks, I wonder if the Ortofon SPU's are in fact living fossils: they weight 30+ grams each! 40 years ago maybe it was a necessity but today? Average cartridge mass is nowadays between 8-12 grams. Headshell mass is usually between 9-12 grams. I know there are still fans of this carts but they are far from being "universally applicable", in fact tonearm/cartridge matching is more difficult than with the Denon 103. I wonder if the SPU's sound totally different if Ortofon would reduce their mass to 20+ grams (including integrated headshell).

Try an SPU Royal N. This fits your criteria. Fits any tonearm and mounts like a normal cartridge. Uses the famous Replicant stylus tip. The Royal N is available in a regular SPU headshell and by itself.
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I think tonearm matching for Ortofon SPU is very easy actually...It is best with Ortofon(RMA,RMG) arms or old SME and if you want even more exotic, you can use it with FR or Ikeda!
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Prcinka, that is exactly what I mean: why does it have to be so exotic? Can't we go "normal"? Do we care so much for "tradition"? Is it (again) driven by emotion and the urge to go back to those good old times?
Marty, the SPU with the Fidelity Research FR-66S (which I also own = the very exotic combination Prcinka mentioned) sounds quite neutral, a bit soft in the treble. It is not the most dynamic or agile sounding cart. I think I can get the same type of sound with a Rega RB 900 + Grado cart.

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Chris, what Grado cart? There are quite a few options in the Grado line at varying price points. Do you think the SPU is no better than a Denon 103/R?
Plinko, I'm thinking of the Grado Reference Sonata ($650). I haven't heard the Denon 103/R but some say that in the right arm (like the SME 3012R) it sounds very SPU-like.

Many Japanese audiophiles love outdated sounding gear :)
Some of them are stuck in the 1930's with their Goto compression drivers and big horn systems. The SPU belongs to this nostalgic world :)

Dazzdax, you seem to be forgetting that you are buying a dinosaur from the 50's that has the specific " SPU sound" that was used in radio station to get more presence coming thru.

that is a forward bump in the 200 to 1500 hz frequency.

This makes it wonderful for vocals, small ensembles, piano, even early beatles stuff

It is not a everyday cartridge if you listen to rock, pop or muisc with large dynamics.

God my SPU sounds crap with electronic or alternative rock music, but heavenly with Jazz like Ella Fitzgerald
Just to be correct..the new SPU's as Silver Meister or Shindo SPU are very flat and even sounding cartridges, as any new MC.
Prcinka, but why do they have to be so heavy and low compliant? --> that is almost an anachronism.

why old Telefunken(or Mullards,Valvo,etc) tubes sound better then any new made tubes?
Dazzdax said "Some of them are stuck in the 1930's with their Goto compression drivers and big horn systems."

What's wrong with compression drivers and big horn systems? Many modern systems use compression drivers and horns too, including the studios that recorded your music!

It's such a blanket statement to immediately think people who use compression drivers and horns are nostalgia fetishists. Perhaps, err, they sound good? And even if they are nostalgic, so what? This is a hobby after all, isn't it? Have fun.