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Rega P10 with Apheta 3
I would jump on it at that price. I demoed several tables costing more than my P10/Aphelion 2 combo and found nothing to make me move on from the P10.   I think the only point of improvement or possible change to the P10 might be the cartridge. ... 
Ultimate Turntable search...OMA K5 or ?
@rsf507 , you’re a dealer right?  Perhaps you could kickstart things in the NE area.  Lots of audiophiles in the area.  
Kyrocera Home Audio
I am in the northeast.  I bought mine from a guy in Arizona who restored it himself.  He doesn’t do it for a living.  He did a good job…cleaned up all the glue, fully recapped, new bias pots, etc….I was also very lucky with shipping as he packed i... 
Kyrocera Home Audio
@jc4659 , I also have an A-710 integrated.  It’s restored.  It’s an excellent amplifier that rivals what one can get from Luxman or Accuphase (imho) probably up to $10k….Like many from Japan in this era, the phono stage is superb. @artemus_5  Kyo... 
For those that have heard Dutch & Dutch 8c..
What are the options should Dutch and Dutch no longer be in business in ten years?  What situations could one find themselves in should that be the case?  
Picking Speakers 20k-30k
With your equipment? Fink Team Kim or Fink Team Borg. For your hard earned money spent, you will know that you have a speaker designed and built by a competent and widely respected engineer. Measures superb, highly flexible, and easy to drive. And... 
Accuphase E380 upgrade?
Which dealer?    
New phono stage from SOTA
If you read the thorough white paper written by @wynpalmer4 , one would not be surprised that this phono stage sounds excellent and competes with much higher priced phono stages.   How do I know?  One of my phono stages uses opamps and it is fant... 
Current sensing phono stages w/Rega?
If you’re set on that phono and in the USA, try for a tonearm rewire.  Or, someone local.  I would ditch the phono, myself.        
Has anyone heard Fink Team KIM speakers?
I bought the Finkteam Kim loudspeaker a few weeks ago. These are the best speaker I have owned and like many audiophiles, I have owned far too many...some even twice. I will indulge with my opinions and it is indeed a pleasure for me to write the ... 
Grado Epoch 3
Has anyone tried these 1mv Grados into a standard MM stage with typical MM gain?  (speaking as someone who doesn’t have the gain/loading options that seem necessary for these Grados)  
Best turntable under $4000
A lot of childish posts here…geez.    
If you had $12k / £10k to upgrade your analogue front-end...
I think you would do quite well with a P8 or P10 and a phono stage in your stated price range (perhaps consider used for the phono stage for even more value). I listened to several tables costing much more (high mass) than my P10/Aphelion 2.  I wa... 
Anyone who owns a Technics SU-R1000, can you answer a quick question
Great to hear jsqt   
Anyone who owns a Technics SU-R1000, can you answer a quick question
I doubt anyone here knows what “40 on the volume knob” means on that device or in the context of your listening system.  How bad is the noise on the phono stage input at normal listening volume?  Btw, I don’t think I have heard a phono stage input...