oscilloscope app for laptops

I was wondering if anyone could, would recommend the most useful (for an audiophile) oscilloscope app for laptops? thanx


What exactly are you trying to do?? Also, DIYaudio.com is where the real hackers live. 

Primarily for room correction, bass nodes, but I'm wondering what else I could use it for. I mean if im going to shell out money for a "gadget".I'd like to get the most use for it.

How can I get the most for my money? any other useful uses for an audiophile?

What I found out so far is.There are oscilliscope apps to download to a phone but the frequency range is limited, and  the actual phyisical items wildly range from affordable to inordinately expensive, especially just for one use.

Go to ASR (audiosciencereview) and look at the speaker plots made using the Kippel Measuring System. These tell the most about a speaker's in-room response! 

You don't want an oscilloscope.  You want room measuring equipment.

Here are the most common for enthusiasts:

  • Room EQ Wizard (free, needs calibrated mic)
  • OmniMic (my favorite, comes with mic)

Good luck.

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