Outboard DAC's and SACD question:

Hi guys,
Simple question. Can you add SACD by adding a seperate DAC, or does the actual cdp have to be SACD form the start? Basically, is it the DAC that actually is responsible for SACD? Thanks
You need an SACD-compatible transport or player. Regular CD players will only play the CD track on hybrid SACDs but that's the equivalent of a CD anyway.
At this point there is no industry standard of transfering hi-rez in the digital domain. So answering your question, no there is currently no way of doing what you are asking. There are SACD transports available, at this point the Emm Labs(aka Meitner) is the leader of the pack using a SACD transport with seperate DAC- but you can only use there transport, no one else transfer's SACD digitally like meitner does, at this time. Most others are using a firewire cable set-up.