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Hi, I have a small place a block from the beach with a porch out front where we spend weekends in the Summer. My family spends a fair amount of time eating meals, reading, playing board games on the porch. I would like to install out door speakers so we (me) can listen to music. The porch is covered so they would not be exposed to the rain but the salt air does corrode just about everything very quickly. I think I would likely store them inside the house during the week for that reason. Are there any speakers that anyone can recommend? Thank you.
Madison Fielding outdoor loudspeakers. Here's the avshowroom video.

As an FYI, I was introduced to a radical alternative to the usual outdoor speaker "wired-in" approach at an audio show.

Check out the LIBRATONE website and their wireless speaker products available. The sound quality was surprisingly good, and because they are fully portable, smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad app Blutooth controllable, it was an ideal solution to the past traditional trek toward wired outdoor speakers.

IMO a personal audition is a must ... Impressed enough that I bought one to fill just that need for outdoor / portability capability, ease of setup with digital files,

It's surround sound quality that, although not in the realm of my $50k hi-end 2 channel audio system, is surprisingly good. Most Blutooth speakers sound performance rip my ears off ....these work comfortably well. These LIBRATONE powered speakers (plug-in or long-run chargeable battery) are not the usual crappy cheapo Blutooth Chi-Fi units flogged in the big box stores and stuffed into the backpacks of the propeller heads geeks.

Highly recommended.
What are you running them off of? Without knowing, I'd suggest $30 Daytons from partexpress
I run Niles OS 20's - not even sure if they make them anymore but they have a nice bass response for their size and have been indestructible.
You might want to look at the Emotiva UOM-6.2 at $199/pr. (with free shipping, IIRC). They feature a 6.5" woofer, silk dome tweeter, polypropylene drivers (stand up to salt air well), a low-resonance plastic enclosure (also good against the elements), and very decent crossover components. And they come in black or white.


However, the Dayton Audio B652 speakers at only $34.80/pr. - with FREE shipping! - would seem to be an incredibly good buy...


Also, the Dayton Audio IO655B speakers would seem to be a pretty nice speaker set for only $86.65/pr.


My recommendation is to go to the PartsExpress site and key "outdoor speaker" into the search box. You'll be presented with many, many speakers to choose from...

Good luck!


I've use a pair of the Klipsch AW-650 outdoor speakers since 2005 and they still work and sound great. Very dynamic with great highs, mids and bass. Also very efficient speakers: 8 ohms and 95 dB.
They also easily unscrew from their base with two large knobs per speaker. They might be a bit on the expensive side (I paid $400 for a pair in 2005 and live in NW Ohio) but I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for. I'm sure there are other brands as mentioned above that sell for less and sound good.
Thank you all for your responses. I will research each of them and appreciate the headstart you have given me.
You might like the Soundcast speakers. They are high quality, onmi-directional outdoor speakers that are meant to be portable. You can run them from a Bluetooth source.

Soundcast Speakers