Outkast / speakerboxx

This vinyl sounds awesome. I hope you don't damn me for my musical tastes but, I can't stomach Classical.
I guess a question is, when a new album such as this comes out. Is it recorded digitaly and then put on vinyl?
This is a 4 album set and was about 1/2 the price of the CD. Great jammin!!
I love that album, was jamming it on my tuck just a little while ago.

Im really looking forward to getting that Supercube II subwoofer, bet it would really bring out the bass in that album.

Im sprised that anybody on the 'gon listens to that. But at the same time, im not suprised.

Hey, my tastes vary. I even was listening to Eminem tonight. Another great vinyl treasure. I buy everything in vinyl even if I have it on CD. I just don't do country or classical. I will rock, jazz, blues even hip-hop. But NEVER country!!
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