Overhead speakers for Atmos 5.1.2 system

Hey guys,

I'm going through a remodeling projecting and increasing my living room from 168sqft to 280sqft (vaulted ceiling - 11ft average height). So naturally, I'm also looking to figure out some ceiling speakers for my future home theater system and improve my standard 5.1 system to a 5.1.2 Atmos. Currently have B&W 803S (main speakers) + B&W HTM3 (center speaker) + B&W 805S (surround speakers) + Outlaw LFM1 Subwoofer ... and I'm looking for 2 overhead speakers to complete the Atmos setup.

I'm a little bit worried of the sound being heard outside of the house since I have no room above, so I was looking some ceiling speakers that come with their own built-in back box (Focal or Definitive Tech). So do any of you have any suggestions or experience with such an Atmos setup to recommend some ceiling speaker that keep me under the $1k budget per speaker?
I just finished a home theater renovation, but I decided against the additional Atmos ceiling speakers.  My ceilings are only 9 feet, and I thought extra overhead hardware would be unsightly and of limited use for most movies in the near future. For now, I’m sticking with my 5.2 system. For the rear channels, we went with flush mount ceiling units.

But I’m posting to recommend soundproofing your room, especially if you are doing a full room renovation and are stripping out the drywall.  Presuming you will want to do this to conceal wiring, right? We soundproofed with RockWool on all walls and ceiling and are very happy with the results.

Good luck!
Yes, It's going to be rockwool on both ceiling and walls and I'm using a slightly more soundproof drywall (QuietRock) and I'll be decorating the walls with Sound acoustic panels from UA-Acoustics.

But to not deviate too much from the original topic, I still need folks to help me with their recommendations for the ceiling speakers (I'm leaning towards Focal 100 or 300 with back boxes).
OK, so I'm 90% I'll get the Focal 300 ICLCR 5 (3 way speakers) at this point. Does anyone have any experience with them?
I won’t comment as to exact model, but 4 ceiling speakers is what ATMOS calls for, 2 in front of you and 2 behind you. THis is important to the ATMOS mix as the 2 in front 2 in back is critical to conveying motion in film, space in music. 2 sort of works but not well enough to give motion for film and you miss out on the most exciting part!

Having ceiling speakers related to the LCR and side/rears does help, as so many sounds in film are spread across lower and upper speakers [ambience, environmental sounds in film] and it helps to have a unified sonic presentation. 


Thanks for your feedback Brad. I actually did more research on my own and experienced two solutions with 4 ceiling speakers and I also concluded that I will go into that direction. I'll still stick with the Focal 300 ICLCR 5 model as it suits my needs well.
Why? You're going to have issues with clarity unless you use something like Trinnov. Have fun during the journey.
How is that quite rock?  Is it worth the money.  I looked onto years ago, I think it was 70 bucks a sheet back then.  I ended up doing 2 studed walls with insulation in both with 1 in air gap.  Works good.  
I actually did not used them so far, but they sell for $55 at Lowes these days, which makes them 4x the price of regular drywall for the same thickness.