Overkill for small room

Hello all - long time lurker, first time poster. I've enjoyed reading so many of these posts, and I feel like I'm learning so much from you guys. Thank you for that.

I am strongly considering a pair of Dynaudio 20i - I am aware they require serious amplification - but I suspect that they'll be too much for a small room

Room specs: (11 wide by 14 long, normal ceiling height with acoustical tile, carpet tile covering one entire wall, wall-to-wall carpet on top of cement slab, no basement).

Am I nuts? 

Thank you in advance.



That assemblage must be terrific.   Would love to hear from you after the room tuning is complete. Buckle up!

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I’ve ran the Confidence series and Heritage Specials. My HS are in about the same size room as you’re referencing. I use the standard issued Dyn stands for the speakers, along with the HS plate. I recommend you fill whichever stands you go with. I used aquarium rocks, they come in various sizes and is rather inexpensive and not messy.

I use the Dynaudio Sub6 with the HS and it sounds fantastic. The HS are little boomers for their size, but the sub does help at with the low Hz.

I’ve ran various amps, but one thing is consistent, Dyn’s need current. I’ve ran McIntosh, Pass Labs and PS Audio amps in various flavors. I would not run McIntosh with Dyn again, sound fell apart if you got on it. The Confidence series do need room to breath off the wall, considerably. The HS seem to operate great in a traditional space/corner set up; they’re set about 2 feet from side and back.

Room acoustics are key, I’ve used both room treatment, along with a DSP and produced great results. I would get your speaker toe/placement set first, then add treatment(s), then settle if you need something like a Dirac or DEQX Premate.

Hello forum - checking in after completing stage one of the upgrade.

I purchased a used AVM Ovation 6.2ME integrated on US Audio Mart - thanks Michael - which is an absolute beast into 4 ohms. Beautiful clarity and headroom for days. I think it's an excellent match-up to the Dynaudio 20i mains.

However, it was never my intention to run the speakers full-on - even though the extension seems clean down to low 40's - as I've always preferred to get that tight thump from a great subwoofer. The good news is that I can run a great sub from the pre-outs on the AVM. The bad news is that I have no way of setting a crossover point to take some of the low end load off the Dyns. Or do I?

I considered a daisy-chain from the amp's speaker outputs to the sub's speaker inputs, then from the sub's speaker outputs to the mains, but it seems that no sub manufacturer offers speaker-level outputs on their subs these days. Even if they did, I don't know what type of signal degradation might occur in such a setup, or if it's even a wise or feasible option.

Am I stuck with a (killer) amp running my Dyns full-on? Or is there an audio guru amongst us that has a trick they'd like to share?