S.A.M. Small Audio Manufacture. & Oracle Delphi MK V.

Hello! I have an interesting project, that I'm seeing if it can even be done. 

I own an Oracle Delphi Mark V Turntable, that has a Black 1" thick Granite base mounted to it. The whole turntable is trimmed in 24 Karat Gold plating.

I want to create another Tonearm to have (Two) Tonearms working from this turntable. I only have one original dedicated tonearm mount, that is part of the  Oracle table.  I have a Graham Engineering 1.5 Uni-pivot tone arm, with a Benz -Micro Glider S L attached.

So! with this being said, I'm going to need a self standing alone Pod/ arm board to use, to hold up another tonearm.

I Plan on purchasing another tonearm (IF) all this can be accomplished? I'd like to purchase a: CALISTA II {all Brass} Tonearm from , S.A.M. {Small Audio Manufacturer} made in Croatia.

WWW. smallaudiomanufacturer@gmail.com.


I'd also like this tone arm Pod / &  Arm Board, to be made of solid Brass. So! that it matches the rest of the Gold plating's.

Can this be done? Need your thoughts. I wrote to Oracle Audio (in Canada) & they said, it couldn't be done with their Oracle Delphi? Simply because it was designed for only one  tonearm. Their tonearm is all part of the aluminum under- carriage.


But! I still think (IF) I had a separate stand alone Brass Tower /Arm board mount. It might be able to be done.


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Thanks for hearing me out. L.O.L.

Best Regards,


Mike Lashinsky


265 Waycross Road, 

Greensburg, Pa.




Not really a good idea. While what you propose will work to an extent, you will have an arm not mounted on the suspension. So any movement of the suspension will throw off the arm.

Look at where the present arm is mounted in relation to the platter.

If you make a pod to sit on one of the suspension legs, you will badly throw off the suspension, especially if it's brass. The springs won't compensate for the extra weight.



That's pretty much the same thing that Jacques Reindeu, from Oracle said.

Thanks. I guess I'll abort the idea 😐