Pangea stands?

Anybody tried or currently using Pangea stands for your monitors? Audio Advisor has a good looking, 3 pillar model that is very inexpensive.

This is all very helpful, folks, many thanks! If any of you actually get your order fulfilled, please post back and let us know how they are!
It's weird. I just got a catalog from AudioAdvisor in the mail, and the Pangea stands are listed there. I'm going to give them a cal and see if they actually have them.
I've seen those stands also. Sounds to me like AA's suppliers fulfillment stinks. Thought about them myself. Ended up ith a pair of Sanus stands. More dough, bought them online, had 'em in 3 days.
I finally cancelled my order for the stands because AA would never give me a reason for the delay,just that they are back ordered.I think they should at least tell their customers why this is taking so long.It's a strange situation,I have bought several things from them and the transactions have always been very good.This won't keep me from doing business with them again.I think it all stems from Pangea's partners in China,but what do I know!!

I received an e-mail couple of days ago from the folks at Audio Advisor.

They told me that the product is "on the water" from China, and that they are expecting to have them in stock at the end of May.