Paradigm studio 80's to harsh, Parasound HCA-3500

I have Paradigm studio 80's v2 with a Parasound HCA-3500. I think this setup is too harsh and I am looking for ways to correct this problem.(possibly a different amp or if anyone knows of a preamp that would smooth out the highs.) Also, I am thinking about getting a Proceed HPA-2 and am wondering how it would match with the paradigms?
Ohhh, you have a deadly combination there! I had studio 100s and the HCA1000a. Sad to say, but you may want to consider getting rid or both your speakers and electronics.
(Now I have vintage McIntosh tube gear and Vandersteen 3a Signatures. Very nice. Fatigue free.)
Tubes with the aluminum tweeter in the Paradigms. I use to own a pair of 40's v2. Did not try the Proceed so, can't comment on that one.
I had a similar problem with Paradigm Studio 100 V 3's. Ended up with different preamp (Odyssey Tempest Extreme instead of the older Rotel RC995), added a spectacular DAC (Dodson 217 Mark II D with 218-like upgrade), and new speakers that are phenomenal (Intuitive Design Summit PSL 624's). I posted a review on the speakers a couple days ago.
I have Paradigm 100 V2. I currently use them with an EAD
200 watt amp, I find them somewhat harsh, I have also used them with an Aragon amp (2oo watts) also harsh. I am now
wondering if I need to chech out different cables or maybe
Paradigm is not as good for music as many people have said.
I have the Studio 100v2 with Sonic Frontiers pre and Anthem MCA-20 amp. I'm using Virtual Dynamics Audition cables all the way through and the highs sound great. In fact they sounded a bit muted when I was in my apartment because the room was overdamped. You may wish to play with room treatments although your amp may be to bright for you speakers or vice versa.
I agree with Thomas above. I owned Studio 100's v1 and v2's. I switched to a Black Gate moded PS Audio HCA-2 and I thought I had found sonic satisfaction. No fatigue, plenty of power, well defined bass. I borrowed a pair of Avalon Acents for a few months and I couldn't get rid of the Paradigms fast enough.