Paradigm subs?????

I was told that the paradigm servo 15 comes in 3 different version v.1 v.2 and v.3
What are the differences?Thanks
Far as I know, there are only two Servo 15's. Well, maybe three if you count the Signature as a different model. Cosmetically it is much fancier lookin cabinetry than the standard model, but the guts are the same.

Don't know all the differences, but I do know the driver is different from the v.1 to the v.2. Also, I think the v.2 has a much more powerful amplifer - but I'm not positive on what the numbers are.
I had the v.1 and now have the v.2( just bought it) but I was also told there is a v.3 that is why I was curious.
I can tell you the v.2 is alot better sub then the v.1.Cannon fire rips through your gut sending one to the E.R.This sub is so good it is scary.I can't imagine how they would improve it.I then heard there is a v.3 but I cannot find any reference to it.I wanted to see what they did to this already amazing sub.
Let me point out that another difference between V1 and V2 is that V2 incorporates a crossover with controls while V1 has only a gain control. Therefore, V1 requires an external crossover.

That said, I prefer that arrangement since most AVRs have the crossover as part of bass management and it permits an external crossover and/or EQ without any interaction with the built-in filters.