Parks Budgie vs Lounge MKIII phono preamps

Has anyone experienced both of these phono stages?  The Lounge has great reviews but the thing is just so damn ugly that I'm not sure I want it sitting in my rack.  I am not sure I want or need tubes in the phono stage but the Budgie also has great reviews and is actually an attractive unit.  I only listen to vinyl about 10% of the time as I am primarily a digital guy.

Rest of the system:
Magnepan 1.7i speakers
McIntosh MC2102 tube power amp
Schiit Freya line stage with Loki Mini EQ
Schiit BiFrost Multidac fed by Sonos w NAS attached redbook flac files
Michell Gyrodec SE with Rega RB300 and Grado Green cart
Audioquest interconnects and Duelund speaker wire