VPI HW-19 MkII Vs. MkIII, how are they different?

I'm considering getting one of these turntables and wonder which sounds better. The MKIII has a lower average book value for some reason. I would greatly appreciate it if someone knowledgable in VPI models would let me know about any sonic differences between the two so I can decide which one to watch for in the classifieds. Also, if there is another VPI model that sells for around $800 used, without arm, that is a better choice than either of these I would like to know what that would be.
I believe the mkIII went to an acrylic platter, which most believe was a downgrade. The MkIV used the lead/alloy platter from the TNT and is considered the best of the series by a great margin. those platters come up for sale every so often for about $200 or 300 so you could modify an earlier model. You should be able to pick up a IV for your budget.
Another thing to look for it that the HW-19 series is so interchangable that it is sometimes hard to determine exactly what model is what.

Do some searching here and on the Asylum and Vinyl Engine to get a sense of the HW-19.

I bought one (Mk IV) just because if could upgrade and modified it by myself and b/c it sounds great.
the HW-19 Jr had an acrylic platter. The III platter is a 10pd lead/acrylic affair.

I believe the difference between the Mark II and Mark III is the material (mdf vs acrylic) used in the subchassis and plinth.
Wrong, the first version MK-IV Platter is a 16 lb affair, I know, I got one. And as I understand it, the later version of the MK-IV/TNT Platter, with Lead Ring was 18, or 20 lbs.

Then there's the Super Platter, which for the HW-19, and all other Tables other than the HR-X, was 25 lbs.

The HR-X Super Platter, at 30 lbs could probably have been retrofitted somehow to the HW-19. Probably a little bit of machinist work is all, to make such fit.

There's a lot of empty space under a HW-19.

I could probably contact Galibier, and have them send me a 42 lb Stelvio Platter, and I could make it fit. Problem is, how much does a person wish to invest?

As I have found, the Platter is a huge influence to the sound. Any Scout, Scoutmaster, and Classic Platter will fit the HW-19.

One could buy the Junior model, and take it from there.

That's what I did. My modded HW-19 weighs more than the Classic, and probably sounds every bit as good, if not better. And it didn;t cost as much. Mark
Re-read this thread, and my apologies to Dividebytube's comments about the "MK-III Platter" You are most likely correct on the weight. Again my apologies for not more clearly reading. Mark
There is a lot of misinformation in the above posts. Just do some searching of archived posts here and on Audio Asylum to get a more accurate background. VPI hasn't helped things by changing their platters from time to time without changing model numbers. Nevertheless, both the 19 Mk.III and 19 Mk.IV started out with composite platters that used lead inserts and a cork damping pad on the underside. The platter on the IV was thicker and heavier. I used the Mk.III platter for many years and always regretted not upgrading to the Mk.IV. By all accounts, it was a significant improvement over the Mk.III platter. After a few years, VPI dropped all of their lead-insert platters supposedly out of concern for their employees who had to handle the lead material, and went to all-acrylic platters. According to some who compared them, the all-acrylic platters did not sound as rich and warm sounding as the prior versions. Much later VPI came out with all-aluminum platters which those with long memories should find amusing since the original 19 series tables started out with all-aluminum platters.
Are you confused yet? As Salectric says, a lot of questionable info above. First of all, the HW-19 Mk3 is a terrific table; so is the MK2. The difference between the two are (and this is the real truth and nothing but the truth) that the MK3 used a stainless steel sub chassis and acrylic top plate and arm board, as opposed to steel and mdf. I disagree with Manitunc in that the MK3 is a better sounding table, being less dark and thick sounding than the MK2. I went from the MK2 to the Mk3 and tweaked and modded both as much as humanly possible with every type of suspension, platter, motor, etc. available. Most effective tweaks/upgrades (by a long shot) were replacement of the spring
suspension with sorbothane pucks (or similar), and the addition of the
MK4 platter. But the Mk3 platter (black, with lead insert/cork) is a good one, and the improved speed stability of the MK4 (more money) of the MK4 platter can be mimicked and surpassed with replacement of the rubber belt with string on the MK2/3 (same platter).

Good luck! BTW, I own a TNT 6 now, and while a clearly better table, the difference is not as great as one might imagine.
Which was questionable info? Yes, I made a mistake, saying it was wrong about the MK-III Platter being 10 lbs, as it probably was 10 lbs.

But, not knowing a heck of a lot of the MK-III history, and what came from VPI on a week to week basis, there is a possibility of more than one MK-III Platter, and that they had a difference of weight, and materials used?

I do know there was claimed to be two MK-IV Platters, they did not weight the same, in which the latter version perhaps was better termed a TNT Platter, but did fit for the HW-19 series of Tables.

I know my earlier first version MK-IV Platter's Bearing Well affixes to the Plinth with three small screws. I believe the later version used a Threaded Well Housing, and was affixed to the Plinth with one large Nut.