Part-time audiophile music reviews - David Boswell

One month into winter, as well as one month into my line magnetic LM518, so I’m doing a lot of listening. Anyhow, I chanced across part-time audiophile’s music reviews and clicked on their review of the new David Boswell album simply because I thought the album cover looked interesting. to my surprise I was completely sucked into his music. Normally, jazz guitars one of my least favorite jazz instruments, but Boswell’s musicianship and composition was definitely a good sound for me. Like a cross between Pat Metheny and the Yellowjackets with a little bit of Checkfield. He’ll sometimes border on cheese, but never actually get there.
And incredibly produced and dimensionally sounding as well

There are scores and scores of albums reviewed there and I sample a few of them every couple of days. The good resource to pick up and discover a new artist if you’re into that.