Parts for Dynavector 501 Tonearm

I've been using a Dynavector 501 Tonearm for about 15 years now.  I have really enjoyed using it, but the arm lift mechanism has worn to the point it is inoperable. I really need parts, or a good machine shop to make the parts to renew the lift.

Do any of you know where I could get parts for it, or a machine shop (close to me in Puget Sound area of Washington State?)

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The US distributor for DV is excellent in this regard, and he won’t soak you for cost. I apologize for not being able to source his name and location at this moment. I will search around my various drawers of turntable related junk and accessories to look for it. But meantime I think you could find it easily on the Internet.

Also, if push comes to shove, a highly skilled machinist with audiophile sympathies is Colby Lamb who is close to you, in Oregon.  You may be able to find him on the "L07D owners group". (Named for those who own a Kenwood L07D turntable.)  If you give Colby a damaged part, chances are very good he can make a new one from it. Try: <>

When I got my 501, back around 15 years ago, Dynavector did not stock hardly any parts for their older arms. I haven't even checked with them, if they didn't have parts that long ago, I wouldn't think they would have them now. Maybe I'm wrong, though.

Lewm, I did find an outfit in Clackamas Ore. that does tonearm repair work, I don't know the guy's name, but the business is called Inner Sound. I can't reach them until Tuesday, I guess I'll just have to hang on to my shorts until then.

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That’s not Colby’s business. I did provide his email, which I somewhat regret because I feel I’ve violated his privacy. It was too late to delete once I realized my indiscretion.

Within the last 8-10 years I’ve bought parts for DV505 and 501 from the US distributor. Admittedly these were counterweights and an AS weight on its string, but it can’t hurt to ask. After all, he does connect with the factory.

Lewm, I will contact the US distributor, maybe there'e a chance. I will definately contact Colby Lamb, I really appreciate your help in this matter.

I've loved this tonearm far too long to let it go to waste now, if I can help it.

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Some of the parts for the 507, which is still current, are the same as the 501 and can be interchanged. I would be surprised if the arm lift mechanism is not interchangeable.

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Lew, I heard from Colby this morning, and he informed me he is not able to do any of the work I need done, due to the fire that devastated his home and shop. He figures you just forgot.

I heard from Mike Pranka at Dynavector USA, I asked him if an arm-lift assembly was available from the 502 MLk II. He said he'd have to check with the factory to see if the newer parts will fit.

I told him I looked at the 507 already, and it looked like the parts would fit. I told Mike to just order the parts for me, that I will make them work. I  don't know who came up with the idea of using the parts from the 507, but I thank them for thinking of it for me.

Thanks everyone for your help, regards,


Mike Pranka is the name I could not conjure, the Dynavector distributor in the US. You're in good hands.  I thought Colby was back up and running. Sorry.



I  don't know who came up with the idea of using the parts from the 507, but I thank them for thinking of it for me.

You are welcome.

While you are at it the 507 Base with the VTA adjuster also fits the 501 if your 501 doesn't already have it. It is quite course in operation but useful. I use it with a bronze stabiliser I custom built that goes under the armboard - friction fit plus 3 tapped screw holes to mate with the VTA Base.


Hello Dover,

My old 501 is based on a Pete Riggle arm adjustment tool. He made one that would fit for me, I've enjoyed using it for many years now.

Thanks for your help, regards,


I  have just heard from Mike Pranka, my parts are ordered and will be in in the next day or so.


That's what I call customer service.  My dealings with Mike have always been excellent.

Gentlemen, Mike informed me the parts came in today. He shipped them today, and they will arrive on Thursday.

I'm smiling now.


Well, gentlemen, it turns out the 507 arm lift is much larger in diameter than the 501 arm lift. I was going to attempt to remove the support body trom the arm, but I would have to disassemble the entire arm. A few years ago I would have done it, but at my age, and stroke-effected body, I chose not to.

I was able to mount the arm lift support assembly in my drill press vise, and clamp the vise down. I then used a 5/8" Forstner bit to drill the hole out to fit the 507 arm lift.

It's a tight fit, but it fits and works beautifully, and it's a great feeling having my arm and turntable working perfectly again. Thank you Dover, for suggesting trying out the 507 arm lift. I'm grateful.

Best regards to all, happy vinyl listening!



Thats great news.

Fyi - I fully rebuilt my 501 - including rewire and changed the angle of the sub arm to facilitate Baerwald rather than Stevenson, and still keep ing the cartridge dead straight in the headshell ( this is critical because the cartridge needs to be at right angle to the vertical bearings to avoid torsional force on the cantilever ).

I had to recalculate all the overhang, pivot to spindle and offset angle.

Never again - it was a drama I could have done without.

Dover, I sure understand and appreciate what you've done on your 501 arm. That is some precision work you've done, and for it to be sucessful, you had to have done a very good job.

Doing that kind of work on your system is very satisfying and rewarding, something to be very proud of. Heck,  I'm even proud of you!

I once sent my arm to a guy that was going to rewire it with silver, but when I got it back, it was still disassembled, and the wiring was so screwed up I decided to take it apart and rewire it myself. I just ordered some Cardas tonearm wire, tore it apart, took apart the crap he'd done, and rewired it. I had the arm almost completely apart,but when it was done, it was done right, and it has been working perfectly for over a dozen years, other than the arm lift.

By the way, I was a lifelong heavy equipment operater, not a machinist. I've always enjoyed taking things apart and making them work better, so it's kind of fun, at least when all goes well, but it doesn't always go the way you want it though, 'eh?

Needless to say, that guy didn't get a reccomendation from me!

They are a very nicely engineered and built tonearm, though.

Thanks and regards,


In a bit of a similar fix with a newly acquired 505 that came w 1 x small sub arm counterweight. Have some emails back and forth w Dyna USA w factory not having any 505 parts. Have inquired about using 507 counterweights….. no answer yet as I expect Japan involved. @dover , et al any help appreciated. I am so enamored w sonics w a NOS Signet TK-9 that I am contemplating pulling my Kuzma CAR-40 off the Triplaner to try on the 505….. but no way to balance it short of blue tac and quarters….

Lew - thx for the inputs on headshells.

Any help appreciated 

Best in music