Pass / Korg B1

i see a few here have built a B1. Anyone do the Korg ? I need a winter build / listening project was thinking B1, Korg, Lightspeed, Music Reference Pot in Box / Pot in Box active. Thoughts ? I know audiogon is not the center of the DIY universe, looking for listener experience more than bill of marerial advice…

Might build three, listen….and measure…kinda like Nelson and a few others…

I built the Korg. If you really like microphonics this is for you. Tried 3 different Korg tubes and they were all noisy. Put it on a shelf and moved on. It's not a tough build though and the instructions are very clear like the other DIYAudio projects I have done.

Look into this one instead:

There are also some nice kits over at Glassware Audio. I purchased one of the tube buffers. With these you really need to be more hands on and know what you are doing.

The pot in the box is easy (active is no longer available). We have plenty of the Noble attenuators that Roger preferred, both continuous and stepped. They are 100k log.
@clio09 I was hoping you might weigh in. Not a fan of microphonics. I will PM about stepped pot in a box. Miss Roger. Best to you.
@ebm the Pass ( Nelson Pass ) B1 is a JFET passive preamp i am interested in hearing.

Hop on it ASAP !

Why are you asking here? The Pass DIY site eats, drinks and cr-ps this stuff.
certainly a fair question…because as i said there are some B1 owners here and people i know w good ears. For example above, Tony who worked w Roger Modjeski ( pot in a box, active ), George from lightspeed, etc…

cast a wide net, i am looking at five or six online DIY community relatives to this project

Microphonics a problem only if you tap it.

Enjoy mine quite a bit. 2nd harmonic distortion.

Easy to build like Amp Camp. Not $ 
As for the Korg B1 I got tube microphonics from just turning the volume control and this was the tube that came with the kit. The other two I bought from Pete Millet and they were much better but still not up to my standards.