pass lab owners: can i afford one?

not to buy it - to run it! i just read an old stereophile review of an aleph, and the reviewer said his electric bill went up 40% (gulp) after he got it? can that be right? i have found in the past that the cost of running something involves more than just the rated watts (getting a two hundred dollar increase after running a space heater one winter showed me that). could some pass owners give me an idea of how much of an increase they saw in their electric bills (please not "a lot", in dollars or even a percentage to your best guess). thanx, mike
I have a Aleph 5 and have my music on in the house about at least 15 hours a week. About a year ago I installed a 20amp line from a secondary power line (pump house and horse barn only on this line). The monthly bill increased from $25 to $30 a month with my stereo now on the line. I don't leave the amp on when in use but I do leave the rest of the stereo on all the time. It only takes 1/2 to 1 hour for the amp to warm up and sound great.
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Just check the standby watts pulled. Some decent amps pull about 100 watts in standby which is equivalent to a light bulb.