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What`s your fave Audiophile Chill Out recording?
I would advise you to get on somafm.com and check out some of the stations. Great selection of channels there with several shades of chill. Drone Zone, Beat Blender, Groove Salad. It's addictive. 
Squeezebox hard to see?
Can you not change the font size? With the SB and Transporter the font can be made large enough to see from across the room. 
Sealing ported enclosure to reduce boom
I had a pair of Dynaudio Focus 140s. They came with port plugs. I like the sound with them in better in my bedroom system. Just too much boominess without them. They sounded great with the ports plugged. And it was very easy to pull them in and ou... 
Which purchase tipped you into nirvana.
Usually every new piece of equipment I buy! Or even rearranging my old equipment can have unexpected pleasant suprises. 
Lucinda Williams live
My wife and I saw a couple of years ago in Raleigh NC at Memorial Auditorium. Not bad, not bad at all. It's funny to hear all the different impressons of her stage persona. She was well engaged with the audience when we saw her, made a lot of smal... 
Why I like my home system better than live music
I tend to agree that classical is best appreciated live. Rock is a crap shoot. Smaller venues are better. If it's too loud and yes most are I wear earplugs which hurts the sound but allows me to keep my hearing. I used to enjoy rock more when I ha... 
Robert Plant-Band of Joy Tour-Houston
It wouldn't suprise me a bit. I don't know why these guys feel they need to make the money with such a severe compromise to their music ... unless it's for their decendents. Even so it seems like nothing more than that. Rod Stewart is a great exam... 
What percentage of audiophiles use a sub ?
I think it was the same guy who said "Too much of a good thing is never enough." 
What percentage of audiophiles use a sub ?
I always hear "any system can sound better with a high-quality sub." That may be the case. I was never able to integrate one successfully. These days some of them such as JL Audio will self-optimize and are supposed to sound good.The problem I alw... 
Swap my klipsch heresy's for Ohm walsh 2
The IIIs are nice. I owned a pair in Cherry that didn't meet the WAF. I had a pair of Is in the 80s and the IIIs are better in every way. Bass is existant now. Highs aren't horn-harsh. I like the on the risers too. The 12" woofer makes for a wide ... 
Best drink while listening to your rig?
bottle of Georges Duboeuf beaujolais nouveau goes with a nice afternoon listening session 
Great Monitors – Joseph Audio Pulsar ?
I've heard great things about them as well. Thought about buying a pair. Only thing that concerns me is the resale. JA is not a no name brand but the Pulsars are a little pricey and my perception is there's not a huge demand for used JA speakers. ... 
Why Don't More People Love Audio?
Why don't more people know the difference between freshly picked peaches, blueberries, rasberries, strawberries and grocery store bought. They just don't know any better. A foodaphile knows there's a difference in taste and flaver between green, r... 
Electrocomp. vs. Hegel -The battle of Norway
I had an Electrocompaniet on my 10Ts. It sounded very good. Electrocomp has been one of my favorite amps of all I've owned but I was a little concerned about reliability. The volume control was not digitial so more moving parts to fail. I haven't ... 
pass lab owners: can i afford one?
Just check the standby watts pulled. Some decent amps pull about 100 watts in standby which is equivalent to a light bulb.