Pass Labs Int 25 vs Int 60

I'm curious if anyone has had a chance to listen to these two integrated amplifiers.

I know the Int 25 is basically the XA25 with a preamp. The Int 60 runs class A to 30 watts (and uses the same preamp) so maybe it's more closely related to the XA30.8, though I don't believe I've read that anywhere.

Anyway, I think from a power perspective both will be fine with my 90db floorstanders. My main question is which is the warmer, smoother of the two amps? Even if that means being darker and more veiled, I would want to go with that amp!


@shazam Yes, it is my opinion Pass aims at music-first-audiophiles. Those DeVORE Orangutan's will sing on both the INT25 and the INT60. I believe @stevehuff has owned Vinnie Rossi amps in the past, not sure which one(s). Maybe he can comment on this.

@cal3713 one would think if the Pass Labs amps sound great thru Steve’s Klipsch speakers, probably similar with the ZU’s. Thanks for the suggestion. I will run direct dac and see what I hear different. 

The Pass Labs INT-25 is a very overpriced amp new. For that price you get an underpowered amp that may have a sweet sound but offers very little else. Slam is especially lacking on this amp, Jay’s Audio Labs’ recent comments on Pass Labs are all correct. I’m very disappointed with my INT-25, can’t believe I paid so much for so little. Very disillusioned with so-called high-end audio. The INT-60 and INT-250 are so completely out of my budget. The stuff is ridiculously expensive.

with any amplifier selection, fully understanding and properly mating the loudspeaker load to the amplifier capability is paramount for happiness

 I have owned the Pass int 60 and it was traded to reno for a int 250. The 60 is a bit lusher in the mids. The 250 is a bit brighter but has more detail and wider soundstage. Im not sure I could say one is better than the other. I feel is just more a matter of taste. Of curse the 250 can drive lower impedance better. Opinions are nice, but you really have to listen.