Pass Labs XA25 vs LTA ZOTL40 -- Which creates a greater sense of image palpability?

Terry London separately reviewed both the XA25 and the Linear Tube Audio ZOTL40 and stated that each created a sense of image density/palpability of individual players and a holographic nature of sound better than he'd ever heard before. He used a Linear Tube Audio Micro-ZOTL preamplifier for both reviews.  

Has anyone directly compared these two amps and if so would you mind sharing your observations as to the differences and/or similarities between them?  
I had a FirstWatt F7 prior to my LTA ZOTL40.  No direct A/B but IMO there is no comparison in the ability of the ZOTL to control my speakers (DIY Voxativ and Coherent Audio GR12's based on Radian Audio drivers).  F7 was all great HiFi but the ZOTL just suddenly created a 3D presence in my room ...hushed silence, great dynamics, wide and deep stage.  ZOTL also greatly benefited from my Nordost power setup and qKore grounding.  If you can live with 35watts, the ZOTL is the best I have heard.
I have I have a ZOTL40 if anyone in the central Maryland area has a Pass XA25 I would love to do a comparison.

I agree with @dmance that the ZOTL performs on an incredible level. I would add that big gains can be had tube rolling. I believe the ZOTL40 puts out 46 watts.
Most people I know prefer the SIT-3 to the XA25. Never heard of the other amp your referring to.
Bill all these years I never figured your forum name until I just saw the grannyring picture, and I am a avid bike rider.  Anyway to answer your question I have heard the Pass XA25 in a friends system and I don't think it could get much better.  My friend has now added the LTA Ultralinear 20 watt amp and he likes it better than the Pass.  I have not heard the LTA but I trust my friends listening skills.  Hopefully that might help.

There is a review on the AUDIO BEATNIK site which mentions all 3 of these amps and gives comparisons (XA25/SIT-3/LTA).   I couldn't attach the thread here...must be against Audiogon rules or something.

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Yes Bob! The Grannyring is the smallest chain ring on the crankset that helps you climb up mountains! I ride about 150 miles a week on average.
Hey Bill I knew that but for some reason I was drawing a blank on the name.  I also ride weekly about 100 miles per week.  We have a couple of great hobbies!
Bill I remember years ago you almost bought my Intuitive Design Gammas speakers but there was a crack in the granite cabinet and you passed on them.  Anyway they are still in my system sounding mighty fine with a pair of push pull 2a3 mono blocks.  Time flies by.  Enjoy the Tour of France.