Pass Labs XA30.8

Hi all,

I had the opportunity to audition the Pass Labs XA30.8 at a dealer was really like the whole presentation - huge,deep soundstage with great depth.

My preamp is Simaudio Moon 390. I am wondering if anyone here is running this combo - Moon 390 with Pass Labs XA30.8s.

My speakers are fairly efficient (92.5dB).

While my current combo (Moon 390 preamp and Moon 330A power amp) is great, the presentation is a little in your face. It feels like I am sitting in the front row with the band right in front. I want a more laid back presentation and hence the mind flirtation with the XA30.8s :)

Appreciate any input if anyone is running this exact combo. Please note I am only looking at XA30.8s and not the X series or any of their Class A mono blocks.


@alfau7 I did end up getting the Pass XA30.8. I am running it with a tube preamp and it is very very musical. I don’t think I will let go of the 30.8 anytime soon.

I prefer the XA30.8 over Moon 330A - more 3D/airy presentation, refined bass and overall more musicality.

I ran the same tube preamp with Moon 330A first. The 330A had too much gain and there was a faint crackling sound through my speakers when music is not being played. With the XA30.8 (26db gain), it is a great match with my tube preamp. Dead quiet!

I would be happy to answer any other questions you may have re: the XA30.8s

I also had the First Watt J2 prior to the XA30.8. Both are excellent amps. J2 is more sweet sounding while the XA30.8 has more defined bass and overall "more of an audiophile amp". I would have been happy with the First Watt J2 if I didnt get my hands on the XA30.8. Again, it would depend on your speakers as you may know.

Thanks sim audio nerd, very helpful information. Just wanted to ask you if you have tried some other speakers with the 30.8? I currently own a apir of bookshelf 86 db sensibility , I get decent and enough levels with the moon 330 at 65 db on my preamp. Do you think the 30.8 would drive them easily? My room is quite small, 11x 14 foot

Well, my 30.8 with drive every speaker I’ve tried with it, including some LS-50’s, which are pretty insensitive.  I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of this  amp.  It is especially happy with a Backert Rhumba preamp.