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$85.000 & 65.000 Amps  The extreme high gone nuts
Not the case of course with Pass, the manufacturing of their case alone is several hundred dollars.  A FEW THOUSAND MAYBE  you can't make their chassis for a few hundred.

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04-25-2017 7:11pm

Au contraire Schubert, I have been paying attention, and I was indeed speaking of the U.S. as a country. We all know the rich have been getting richer and the poor poorer since Reagan instituted his failed trickle-down economic policies.

That is a false statement:

During the Regan administration his policies had corporate revenues doubling and tripling which in turn lead to the largest economic growth, increase hiring or jobs, increase in pay, and all people made more money.  Do your homework please.  The rich always get richer because they invest and take risk to increase their wealth.

I’ve seen the stats from around the world. Swedes are a pretty contented bunch, even with their very high taxes. At least they get something for them!

I guess then they are happy being the new rape capital of the world according to CNN!

 My sisters daughter lives in Germany, married to a German, and they too are happy with their system.

Really, $20 billion spent on immigration and it is considered to be a disaster in Germany.  CNN again.

I don’t know many Americans who are; in a few decades our educational system has become the joke of the world, our health care system is a mess, we are falling behind in moving into a future-based economy---Coal? Are you kidding me?!

America spends more money on education than some countries have in total so it is not the money that is at fault.  Health care costs are going up and choices are going down unless you have no income and can get free health care, the rest of us are paying for that benefit.

Coal while not the best alternative to most of us, unless live in West Virginia where there are no jobs for the miners and their families or business alternative opportunities for the majority of the older working class.  I was in WV three weeks ago, one of the poorest states.  Let them starve you bet.

As far as mega buck products, try and manufacture something.  The milled solid aluminum chassis start at $1K and up.  The box and packing materials cost about $150 each.  Pay your 35% taxes, liability insurance, etc.  Parts costs are not cheap unless you are using the lowest priced capacitors, resistors, transformers, etc.  Design a chassis with all of the necessary holes punched out, yeah that can take from 3 to 10 prototypes, etc.  Then when it is all ready, advertise, get reviews, find dealers to carry your product line for free, etc.

Many people IMO have never heard what these high priced components can deliver.  Go spend time at a reviewers home and learn what they hear and how their system sounds.  You won't get there with most of the cheaper level products.  But this is a matter of ones own choice.  You can get really great sound if you can build a system with lower priced components it can be done but that usually takes time.

Most people don't know what their missing in their system until they experience the change or difference.  I ones had a well know preamp that I thought was really good for the money I paid for it.  THen I had another well know mfg preamp and that is when I realized what my preamp lacked.  I had to experience the difference because I did not think my preamp could be outperformed in the areas it now lacked.  I also modify, repair and build components.  Recently I told one of my first customers that the new version of the product I build for him was better by my new design.  He said how much better and I said 100% improvement.  He told me not possible.  I drove out to see him three weeks ago.  within the first 10 minutes he said, yeah you are right.

So my point being it costs real money to make a statement product or one that the mfg feels is better than the competition.  Research and development is expensive.  You make many prototypes to find something you think is very good, and the cost of parts is not cheap. Experience is what most people need to have before they make general statements.

Sorry for the rant, Happy Listening everyone!

bdp24 not picking on you in anyway and I am not dem or rep just a person who understands economic polices and and has studied economics, budgets, etc,. that the government indicates on its website.

As stated above, a lot of the ueberhighend kit is sold overseas.  Good. I like to see US products exported.  Bless Mr. Pass, maybe he can single handily restore our balance of trade.
I think this would be a great opportunity to ask Audiogon to implement a feature on every sale asking buyer and seller to donate a small percentage to world hunger.
Perhaps even an "I will if you will" check box so both parties feel compelled.
Good feelings all around and each party enjoys their new gear or sale knowing they helped the less fortunate, and with minimal effort or thought.

I’m a dealer for the above mentioned BHK amps and they are keepers. No purpose (expecially with the mono’s) to go above this level. The sonic benefits will come from investing in other areas of the system. (Or perhaps tube rolling which I haven’t yet tried)