Pass lad amp owners of XA.5 series of amps.

Do the XA.5 series of amps have a easy sound to them like Cary/quicksilver/BAT tube amps? That kind of sound but maybe cleaner?. From what I have read on the internet and through the reviews this is what the XA.5 amps sound like. So I thought I would put this question on Audiogon and see what other Audiogoners think about tube amps compared to Pass labs having the same experience. I have Sonus Faber Grand Piano speakers(Domus)at 90db 4ohm. I used to have a Cary Rocket 88 which is only 20 watts in triod / 30 in ultra-linear and loved it(had to sell it a few years ago). So I have been looking at the Pass Labs amps and a XP-10 Preamp so I do not have to deal with tubes. I am looking at XA30.5 or maybe stretching to the XA60.5m .Thanks for your thoughts ;^)
Jump ahead to the new Pass labs XA.-8 series. This is a major improvement on an already good amp.The XA.30.8 will be a good match for those Sonus speakers.The sound is faster and crisper than the Cary tube and still retain the full body sound of tubes.Talk to Mark at Reno Hi Fi and you can get an in home demo,one of those rare people in audio sales that is concerned with customer service and satisfaction.
Thanks Jazzcourie It seems the 30.5 is one sweat smooth amp.I have not talked to Mark yet but I will .
I just did a thorough review on comparing the Pass XA30.5 vs XA30.8 sound characteristics. You might find it interesting as it describes the sound of the XA30.5 pretty well. Cheers!