Pass pre + Spectron Musician III - will this work?

Help please. I am considering a Pass Labs XP20 and thinking of matching it with th Spectron Musician III amps. Will this work well or will it be too lean? Thanks
I have not heard the Spectron. I do however run a Pass XP10 in my system with Bel Canto Ref 1000 M class D amps and it sounds good. You do need careful matching of interconnects to be sure you get fleshed out presentation. Good luck. The Pass pres are very nice. I'd characterize them on the neutral side.
I know a few poeple who use PASS Pre with Spectron. I cannot remember any complains from them. I, myself, use tube preamp (Joule-Electra) so I would be a poor judge.

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I have tried the Spectron Musician III MK2 mono-blocks with a TVC unit and the Benchmark DAC1 Pre. None of these have the finesse that the Joule Electra 300 ME has, but the sound was still great. I never got a lean sound with any of these preamps. In my experience and in my system, the sound can get lean if I use higher gauge (12awg or higher) speaker cables. This is due to the Maggies demanding lots of current, which the thinner wires simply can't deliver.

I have not heard the Pass Labs XP20, but I doubt that the sound will be anything less than stellar with the Spectron amps.
Wow Isanchez! I just saw your system for the first time (but I've often seen your name on threads) and it is similar to mine. I have the 3.6's - but with only one Spectron amp. I have them set up like yours with a 70 inch Sony in the middle. I have a Maggy center and the 1.6's as surrounds. I have the tweeters on the outside as well. However, I am using the Levinson #40 processor with them which of course is not up to your preamp but I like the flexibility of the surround sound. I have three Eagle monoblocks powering the center and surround Maggies. I'm sitting only 9 feet away as I have theater chairs in my 20' by 12' room. All power cords and speaker cable is Purist. I'll try to send you a picture if I can get my wife to find the system picture or take another one. I have the white Maggies but bought the cherry rails for them which I feel looks much better than the original oak. I think I've seen your name on the HFC thread - but your system doesn't have HFC cables...maybe I'm wrong.
Anyway, today I was experimenting with putting Harmonix pucks on top of the Spectron - both 1 over the transformer and then using 3 with 2 more in the rear corners. I haven't decided yet if it is better or not. Have you ever tried weight on top of the Spectrons? How much of a difference with the 3.6's is it going from a single Spectron to using the monoblocks to power the Maggies?
I'm in Northern New Jersey - 12 miles from Manhattan. Are you anywhere near me? Would love to hear your system!
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