Where do I go from here ? Spectron Musician II

I running Magnepan 3.6's with a Spectron Musician II. This amp puts out good base but the mids and highs are very strained. My question to fellow Goners is where do I go from here? Parasound Halos or what else could help my situation. I really like black finished gear but Parasound is only available in silver. Any relies would be very helpful! ............

I have my personal experience with this company mostly written down under the "review" link next to my moniker. Definately worth looking into.
I have friends and customers who've told me the Parasound Halo JC-1 works very well with Maggies. I can tell you that the JC-1 has a very smooth, grain-free, extended top end, which is not often the case with high-powered solid state amplifiers. I can also tell you that the JC-1 has excellent dynamics and liveliness. Unfortunately I have not personally heard them on Maggies, but would expect the combination to work quite well. If you can find a JC-1 dealer nearby, might well be worth an audition.
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Wow, I am probably one of three experts in this area as I (and I beleive two others on this site) have owned both amps (Spectron II and JC-1's). I know what you are saying about the amp sounding strained, but I don't think that is what you are hearing. The spectron's just don't provide liquidity...instead they give you transperency..it is a trade off. Eventually I will get to posting a real comparison of the two, but in short...the JC-1's will give you more liquidity, bass control, and a touch more inner detail, and more weight to the performance. The Spectron will give you more transperency, more extended highs, and bigger more powerful sounding dynamics. I love both amps....each has strengths and I don't believe either has any great weekness. Neither is bad at any of the things I mentioned above. It is just that each is better at certain things. It comes down to personal taste. I will say this...if I where to stereotype (and I am going out on a limb here), if you are using a very full sounding speaker with convential drivers, the spectron might suit you better. If you where going with ribbons/planer speaker..the JC-1's might suit you better. That being said....I know of at least one person who went from a Spectron to the JC-1's who has convential speakers (VR4 Gen III SE's...the same speakers I own.) Hey, to each his or her own. I will also put out there that I tend not to like the type of sound many of me fellow audiophiles like...and I think that is ok. Also, the spectron likes a fuller sounding pre-amp, while with the JC-1 you can get away with something that lies toward a thinner sound. It's all about balancing your system. Boy, that was alot..but I hope that helps. If you want to talk off line, shot me an e-mail and I can give you a more detailed comparison.
I also forgot to mention that powercords make a bigger then normal difference with the spectron..or at least they did for me. If you want more midrange, try and elrod Sig 3 or elrod statement. Both will give you more of the midrange you are looking for..although they will not be liquid like a good tube amp.
SimAudio W10's work great with Magnepan 3.6's.

Gutsy, good bass, dynamic, transparent...
I have heard Audiofan's H2O amps and they really are great. But if you want to stay with a reviewed component the latest Stereophile has a review of a Yamaha digital amp ($5K). They liked it a lot, citing so-so imaging as its only real weakness. But attend a live concert and tell me how much imaging you hear.

btw, if I had reviewing skills and were writing a review of what I heard with the H2Os it would be very similar to the Yamaha review. Worth reading.
Thanks kindly for all of the suggestions. I appreciate fellow members who have the knowledge to help too!
Just curious, how long have you had your setup? I recently got a used Musician ( not the II ) to drive speakers with Heil tweeters, which are like electrostatics. Although, so far most CDs sound much better, a few, 5-10 % sounded a little bright or strained like you suggest. But it seems that the more I play those CDs the more clear and detailed they become. I'm thinking that if I go back to the old amp, they might sound muddy now. Just a thought!