Pass X250.5 Users

I currently have an X250 and I am thinking of moving to the .5. I've seen a few examples online of X250.5's that have the same fascia as the older X250. It appears the back / front plate is the same on both amps on the front fascia is interchangeable. I can buy a .5 series locally and strongly thinking about it. I'm assuming the earlier X250.5's had the older front as Pass probably had some inventory of the older and used them up first. The meter says X250.5, so I'm sure it is a .5 series. My question is, besides the front plate, did later .5 amps with the later front change internally, or no the circuit stayed consistent throughout the lifespan of this amp? I personally prefer the earlier front so that doesn't bother me and I'm thinking the earlier X250.5 's goes for a little less money as well. Thanks much.
The best answer would be from Pass Labs themselves, they were very helpful every time I contacted them.
I had a Pass X250.5 a few years back and it is a magnificent amp.

Did you just have the itch to upgrade or was there something you didn't like about the X250.5?

Yeah, I dropped Pass an email as well and just waiting for a response.

If there isn't a Pass dealer in your area, call Reno HiFi. Mark there is intimitely familiar with Pass gear. 
Desmond got back to me and as I expected they did make some circuit changes from the first X250.5’s with the original X250 case to the later. Here’s what Desmond said.

"The main difference on the rear was the addition of a white ground post. We had several people hook up rel subwoofers across the speaker terminals, thinking the black terminal was ground.

When we added the ground post we took the opportunity to clean up some internal layouts as well."

I'm sure the early .5 series is still an improvement over the originally unit. I’ll drag it home to compare before I purchase first.
I liked everything about the X250.5, it was musical and drove my Magico effortlessly. I got rid of it because I was out of the hobby for a few years and needed to get rid of some equipment, I seriously thought about an X350.5 a few months ago before I decided to go with the D'Agostino.