Passing of John Paul II - tribute ballad

I just heard Luciano Pavarotti's rendition of "Ave Maria" during a tribute on tv to the Pope. It's quite beautiful. Can someone please point to his best performance on CD or DVD-A for this song? Thanks!
There is a Decca of Pavarotti and friends for War Child. Strange name, but that is the name of the charity. It also comes on a DTS 5.1 version.
Disney's Fantasia has a great rendition of Night on Bare Mountain that ends with Ava Maria.
Rwwear, yeah the Diz was the first version I heard. That movie was delayed for years because of the war, I understand. I loved the transition. And ole Leopold was something on the podium. Bugs did a mean Leopold as well.
The late pope did an album. When I took my daughter to St. Peter's, there were a couple thousand folding chairs in the arc entrance with huge scaffolding and speakers. I told her that JPII likes to come to the balcony with his Stratocaster. She settled for the Vienna Men's Choir inside.
The version by Aaron Neville on "Warm Your Heart" (XRCD2 Universal JPN) is very moving and the sound is breathtaking.