patricia barber - diana krall - holly cole

wouldnt that be awesome if they - toured together - tell me it wouldnt be sold out every night they played. 



Her band was great (bassist, drummer, guitarist). Sound quality was great. Venue was great.

She on the other hand, phoned it in. She sang maybe 1/4-1/3 of the time. The rest of the evening was an endless parade of instrumental solos from her admittedly talented band (and herself on piano). No material from her noteworthy repertoire. No energy. No charisma.

I get that artists don’t want to just play their hits at their concerts and that it wasn’t a one woman show. I also get that she’s human and is entitled to an off-night. Touring has to be a difficult thing.

However, people paid good money to hear Diana Krall do what she does best, sing. She did not deliver. She acted as if she was bored to be there, and late for her flight out of town.