PayPal problems

I have an unusual situation going on right now with a seller I worked with last month for a speaker deal. I am in Ontario Canada, and the seller is in Alberta Canada. The logistic and amount of $$ (and his lack of feedback on CAM) were a major concern. I decided to send the $$ ($10,000.00) through PayPal, as they seem to offer insurance/protection to the buyer. The deal went as smooth as one could ever wish for. I received the speakers in the condition advertised, and the crate the seller made up was bulletproof. It has been over a month since the transaction took place and PayPal is not releasing the funds to him. I contacted them directly last weekend, on his behalf to let them know that I did receive the shipment, and all was good. I told them that there was no reason to hold his funds, as I was perfectly satisfied with the outcome. They replied with a lot of nonsense that was just going around in circles. When I got a supervisor on the line, it was no better, and she basically told me that she could no longer discuss the situation with me, and I was no longer involved with the process. It was now between them and the seller. I reached out to him today, to see if the funds were released, and no was the reply. Has anyone ever been in such a situation with PayPal, and if so, what was the outcome. I am at a loss as to how to help the seller out. I need him to be able to get paid the money I sent, and not be held hostage by PayPal. Any advice would be appreciated


Just received a message from the seller, and they say they will release the funds by March 26 for him. Good news indeed. :)

@kenjit Its not about being my problem. The seller was straight up, and honest. The least I can do is help him to get what is rightfully his. I would hope for the same in return, had the situation been reversed.

FWIW I seem to recall that some folks had problems getting funds from Pay Pay when the sums involved were large as they were in your case. That was a bunch of years ago and I think they were paying off in appropriate installments. I think this had something to do with federal laws created to discourage money washing. I don't know what they do with a large sum on money to a first time user, but I'd bet the presence of the Fed's have something to do with it.