PC for AirTight ATM300?

Have an AirTight ATM300 coming (8W SE WE300B-based). I've got a Electraglide Fat Boy sitting around, but trying to gear down with this second system, not in quality, but just trying to get away from inflexible pain-in-the...well, you know what I mean. With that said, doesn't necessarily have to be Discovery flexible either. On sound, dynamics are nice but definetly don't want to sacrefice harmonics. Any psycho AirTight owners out there, or SE amp owners (who are psycho by definition [in a good way...])? Thanks.
Talk to Bob Crump at TG Audio. He makes some of the best PC's out there and they're inexpensive. Tell him what you want to power and he'll suggest which of his PC's will work best or custom make one that will. Great guy with great products.
BTW, these are flexible cords, unlike some of the others out there, easy to work with. If you want another opinion, read some of the back issues of Bound for Sound or talk to Marty DeWulfe, the editor. I think he uses TG PC's, as well as SC's as his reference cords.