PC for Cambride Audio 840C?

Recently finished revamping my amp/speaker combo and now need one extra power cord. Currently, I have my 840C connected with a Shunyata Venom 3 and have been pleased with it but am wondering about something...better. Most people say that the most noticeable difference with PC's is at the source, so I have decided to try it out on my cdp first.

Trying to keep it under $250, used. As always, the cheaper, the better. Any suggestions?
I recommend a dcca power cord for a fuller and more musical sound. I'm using a modified 740c. It can sound a little thin and bright.

For what it's worth, I just went from a Venom 3 to the Shunyata Sidewinder VTX (On sale now)on my Cambridge
integrated, and it needs 100-150 hrs of burn in according
to Shunyata, but can already tell it has better refinement & focus at about 30 hrs.

BTW...It is really designed for cdp's Dac's etc so may be
exactly what you are looking for, especially while it's on sale. Normally $500, on sale for $295.

Good luck.
i've good results with herbie labs isocups as footers. U can try it risk free for 90 days. Steve Herbelin is a great guy to deal with.