PC to Multi-channel Dac?

Please help me to understand.
Will a pc/mac server based system rip and playback multichannel sacd, dvd-a's?

Really enjoy the seperation of well engineered multichannel sacd's or movies but would like the pc convenience. Already have 2 pc's but am considering getting mac mini and dac setup. Would appreciate suggestions for a server and quality dac with analog multichannel outputs?

My System: CJ Met1 6 channel preamp, Denon 5803AVR (7x170w@8ohm), 5900 universal,Dali Helicons 800,400,200s, Paradigm sub, CCAC silver cables/intr/powerchds, richard gray 600s,substation.
Thanks for the responce.
Guess its a dumb question.
But I have some dvd-a's and sacd's that are produced in multichannel and seperate out instruments really well into different speakers.
Also have this new CJ 6-channel tube preamp that Im loving and would like to find a multichannel dac with 6 analogs out. Maybe synthesized surround from a good dac would come close?
DVD-A's would be easy, as they are supported by Power-DVD, just get a copy of that and a good multi channel sound card and off you go...

But for SACD's... Since the transport format is proprietary, you can't just play or rip them... I suppose you can connect the output of your SACD player to the input of your sound card and record them and then create a file that has all the channels, but there is no standard way of doing such thing and you would have to deal with sound fidelity degradation.