anyone tried the PD-Creative(Polish) linear power supply mod to the Bluesound Node 2i?

I installed the PD Creative power supply mod in a Node 2i powered by an SBooster LPS and I can confirm that it makes a huge difference to an already excellent streamer. Lowered the noise floor, better bass articulation, reduced vocal sibilants, expanded the sound stage and let the music flow.


I installed the PD Creative power supply mod in a Node 2i powered by an iFi iPower Elite 5V power supply. I ran it with the stock power cord and shortly replaced it with an aftermarket power cord I had on hand. Prior to writing this I swapped power cords again and quickly went back to the better cord.  I listen to Tidal and this upgrade was a game changer which I highly recommend. This changed what I thought was a pretty mediocre DAC in the Node to one that is highly listenable with hifi or MQA streams. Amazing what an external dedicated power supply will do. I now bypass the DAC in my Nova 300 and strictly use the Node with the analog outputs. W/o the power cord I now have a $1050 Node and I would definitely do it again. Note that the conversion board took 7 days to deliver  from Poland. and took 30 min to install.

I have a Node 2i being used as both streamer + DAC with the much nicer external PS unit from PD Creative (240V converted to 120V)... wow, what a difference! Wish I could find another one here in the US.

On this system I have the Node 2i w/ best PD PSU setup, RCA out analog with some mid-level Wireworld RCA cables into a Devialet Arch unit, then converted to network to run a pair of the Devialet Phantom I (108)... WOW.

Fist off, I believe the former model 2i sounds a bit better than the newer model Node (N130) version. I have owned/used both at length on two different systems. To my ears, the Node 2i has a bit more laid back, warmer presentation overall... OK, maybe a bit rolled off. But once you tear out the stock PSU of the Node 2i, put the new board in and that external PS.... holy smokies.

I also have a Node 2i in my main system (using a Crystal Cable) digital out to a Schiit Yggdrasil (LIM) DAC - so streamer only on this rig. And then a 3rd Node 2i on a headphone rig, using as both a streamer + DAC into a Schiit Lyr headphone amp. Looking for another PD unit for this setup.

I am SURE there are better streamer/DAC combos or streamer+ DAC combos out there... but for how much more? In my experience with a lot of streamers and DACs over the last maybe 6+ years, it would need to be a lot more $$$ to beat this. Plus... part of the battle is the app... the Bluesound app is great to easily control, sort and play music from Tidal, Amazon HD, Qobuz, etc. I had a streamer DAC unit from Aualic that sounded OK... not as "musical" IMHO and the app was FREAKING TERRIBLE! The overall operation of the unit and playing your music was awful really. For that money... they should be ashamed... really.


This is a very interesting thread.  I just received a Peachtree Gan1 and Bluesound Node package.  For me this is a return to the Node, after having wasted a year with Volumio on a MiniDSP SHD.  That experience gave me a new appreciation for the importance of the user interface software.  Too bad because the hardware was fine.

The situation with the Node is reversed:  the software I know is excellent, but I was ambivalent about the Node hardware until I started reading about upgrades like the PD-Creative offerings.  The interface board is a no-brainer, but I'm unsure about the PSU.  Specifically, should I get the $25 PD smps, or go for a $109 iFi PowerX psu, or just stop being cheap an get the $399 Sbooster psu?  Seems that, based on this thread, all three options produce happy customers.  And then there is the power cord.

For background, I mainly stream music (female vocalists).  Speakers are Wharfedale Jade 3 standmounters.  The Node will be hardwired (cat5) to my router with an English8 switch in between. All except the router plugged into a Furman power conditioner.   Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Most here are opinionated.  I think few have ever evaluated all the variables. Most will agree everything matters, to varying degrees, of course. I never compared power supplies, so I can only say that I have been pleased w my setup.  Certainly a good band for the buck….