anyone tried the PD-Creative(Polish) linear power supply mod to the Bluesound Node 2i?
I have not. However, if you are changing power supplies; you should know that they are not exactly the same and and will influence overall performance.

With regards to power transformers- those will all do the same job. However, some will outperform others.

The same is true with capacitors. This is why for lower-end vintage amps, swapping caps makes sense.

What separates a multi-thousand dollar amp from a much cheaper one? The quality/reliability of internal components.

I mostly agree, having experienced this and learning how audio signal amplification works.....HOWEVER, as I use my Node 2i ONLY as a streamer, I wonder how it would make a difference.  No doubt the noise generated by a new power supply would be significantly lessoned, but does this end up mattering in a digital streamer?


Whether it matters or not is like asking if a new (larger) intake valve would improve the power output of a car engine. 

Higher quality internal components in general are going to lead to better objective performance. There is a reason why mega-buck components from the biggest names in audio refrain from using cheap power supplies and rudamentary caps etc. from China. An amp that costs only a hundred bucks and claims to be a "power amp" probably isn't; and comparing it to one that costs many thousands of dollars is going to lead to finding many differences between the two.

In the end, almost everything audio matters. However, above all your perception and enjoyment are far more important.
I ordered the Creative board and budget power supply combo and it took just a few days to arrive. I Installed it last night and gave it a listen for a good hour today running through an MHDT Orchid.  Even in a doubtful, hyper critical frame of mind I found it sweeter on top, tighter on the bottom, much better focus, clarity and inner detail, especially strings and choral. It really won me over.  Smooth. Punchy.  I could feel my ears relax and the sound open up.  For $126 delivered it’s a bargain.  
O.K.  Here I am with a new (2021) Bluesound Node in the mix.  Never mind that it took almost two hours for it to play ball and be recognized by the Bluesound app.  It did and I’m happy as Hell.  So pardon me if I’m partying at the moment.  I live in one of those green states.  Anyway, I’ve obviously got the experience of the 2i and the 2i upgraded.  On to the new Node.  I was curious as to how the old 2i  stacked up.  Threw on my favorite Spotify play list (blues).  The Node was grating.  Less glare than the stock 2i but that’s where the fun ended.  It was very etched and unconvincing. And little body.   Somewhat easier to follow in the vocals but no inner detail at all.  The stock 2i kicks its rear musically.  So there you have it.  I’ve got the Creative upgrade on the way as we speak.  Whatever.  
OK, just to be clear (to me), does the PD Creative PS board improve the sound only if you are using the internal DAC? Or does the improvement also apply when using an external DAC? I have seen conflicting statements on this. 
I should have clarified that the MHDT Orchid is an external DAC. My experience with the internal DAC vs the Orchid (unmodified Node2i) is that with Spotify or Tunein the difference is slight. Just a little less glare. With the Creative board installed I found the sound night and day better with the external Orchid. I don’t know if the internal DAC is as improved but I suspect not and that the upgrade is allowing the Orchid to shine.
I've had Pawel's board on my Node 2i and it's a major improvement especially when paired with a good linear power supply. For the price and ease of installation it's a no brainer for Bluesound owners.
I've had my Node 2i for about a year. Shortly after purchase I added a Cullen C7 power cable. With the PD upgrade, I wouldn't be able to use the Cullen.  I don't think I would be gaining much with the PS upgrade.

I have the Wireworld power cord and the Creative upgrade took me by surprise. Just wow. Also, their budget power supply takes the same c7 plug as the Node2i.
sorry I seem to be taking over your thread.  But, more news.  I’m listening to the new Node with the Creative board mod and their budget power supply.  Fantastic.  Cleaner, clearer, tighter, more detail and focus than the modded 2i.  Impressive at low volume.  I can hear everything and no shout.  Louder gets me a bigger and bolder presentation while the clean and clear stays.  Nice.  
@wlutke , dont be silly...your comments are interesting; now, if my interface ever arrives, I will share my thoughts....UPS seems to be stuck in Germany for 10 days......frustrating!
More upgrades.
Streaming the NODE with the Sbooster LPS and Orchid DAC puts Spotify comfortably in audiophile territory. I thought that not possible. By comparison, the Node 2i and new NODE in stock configurations with the Orchid DAC are hifi-ish at best. The PD Creative upgrade with SMPS swings them toward the hifi high end. A quality power supply like the Sbooster tips the scales. I find real satisfaction in the quality, substance and engagement.
I got the Bluesound RC-1 remote on a whim and glad I did. On Spotify it can pause, skip, mute and control volume. That’s really nice because the RC-1 volume adjust is much finer than on the pre. I set the volume on the pre to limit the max output. It safeguards visitors (and maybe party me) from over doing the volume. The push of a preset button sends me from Spotify to a Tunein Radio station. Returning to Spotify still requires the Bluos app.
@wlutke Thanks for sharing. It looks like you compared the modded versions of the node 2i and new node. Is it worth moving up to the newest node even if I have the modded 2i?
That’s a good question.  In the unmodified form I prefer the more musical sound of the 2i.  It has (subjectively) more body.  With modification and smps on each I much prefer the NODE and would definitely move up in that scenario.  The NODE sounds more refined, it’s balanced top to bottom and the added resolution and focus are obvious, no looking back.  So, yes, I would upgrade from the 2i.  The Sbooster took it to a new level.  Caveat one is there’s more energy on the top and bottom. Less glare, less boom, just more.  I took the sub down a couple of ticks and put a mellower tube in the DAC for the highs.  Perfect.  Caveat two is the noise floor dropped so low that I catch myself cranking the volume without realizing it. 

"The PD Creative upgrade with SMPS swings them toward the hifi high end. A quality power supply like the Sbooster tips the scales. I find real satisfaction in the quality, substance and engagement."

Could you please clarify, are you using the PD upgrade with SMPS and the Sbooster?
though I have not had the inclination or opportunity to compare to very expensive streamers and DACS, I have found that upgrading the 2i with the PD-Creative and Sbooster, combined with the affordable Benchmark DAC 3B to be an affordable and pleasing digital front end...I stream Qobuz.
No. Both units were on smps.   I upgraded the NODE supply to Sbooster, replacing the smps.
I purchased the PD creative board and Power Supply for my Node 2i. 
I was very skeptical at first but decided to try it for myself. Purchasing and delivery was very fast which was great.
The installation was easy with clear instructions. 
After the installation there was a big difference to the sound quality. It was clearer with greater detail. The instruments seperate and come through much better.
I use the Node 2i with a fixed volume setting with the MQA selection off.
I am now a believer that power makes a big difference. It is a controversial topic but I suggest trying if for yourself.
My Node 2i connects to a Bel Canto Dac 3 which then goes to a Western Electric Tube pre amp, feeding two Western Electric 300B mono blocks and Valves. All interconnects and power cables are premium grade.

Hi, I'm from Singapore.
I have just upgraded my Node 2021 with the PD Creative board and bought a BRZHIFI LPS for it. I mostly only use Node's streamer with the Ares2 DAC.

The mod brings the Node to a new level. Even with only the digital section, there is better clarity, imaging and quietness to the background. And also tighter bass. But the sound does get a little less warm. I'm sure there would more significant improvements on the Node's DAC section.

Overall I'm happy with the mod, and would recommend it to all Node owners.

I just received my mod kit from Pawel for a Node 2i.  Any advice before I begin the installation? I’ve found and watched the install video on youtube.  By the way I also bought the Meanwell switched power supply.

My installation wasn’t easy. Apparently there’s enough tolerance in the Node 2i “fitting” that if things are off it can be a bitch trying to get things back together.  So much so in my case (ha ha, “case”, get it) that I finally decided to not insert the lower left back plate screw because it would only go in at an angle and that prevented the back magnetic plate from being fully seated. I tried everything, leaving the other screws loose in an attempt to get the back plate to side over another 0.5 mm to the left. No go.

in addition, I had a heck of a time getting the old board’s plastic large signal connector unfastened.  Then more problems getting the new board’s connector fully inserted into the clip.

And the instructions don’t mention to remove the small connector. There’s no corresponding connector on the new board and it soon became apparent this connection wasn’t needed.

All problems aside, it’s one of the only changes I’ve ever made that sounded like an improvement without break-in (burn-in). Wow! Basses sound great!  Piano still a little rough but its got less than an hour of play time on it.

I’m really looking forward to it getting burned-in!

Also, I made the mod in the nick of time! The old power board had two capacitors failing (leaking).  One significantly so. Leaking all over the PCB. I’ve owned the Node 2i for 22 months.

I’m very pleased with the PD Creative mod! It has about 40 hrs burn-in play hrs on it in addition to leaving it fully powered on 24x7 since installation. It took almost the full 40 hrs to lose the upper midrange harshness on horns and piano. Not unusual for solid state burn-in. I once owned a modified SS amp and preamp that took over a 100 hrs to lose that edginess.

Compared to the stock Node 2i with a Nordost Purple Flare power cable the mod with a Meanwell SMPS has resulted in much better clarity and a deeper soundstage. Bass is tighter, plucked strings have a better leading edge, drum hits are more crisp. Cymbals sound much more realistic.

Based on others’ comments above I should purchase a Sbooster for it. My only problem is finding a place for another Sbooster. I already have a Sbooster on a Chord Qutest. Can Sbooster units be stacked on top of each other without a reduction in sound quality? Anyone try it? I try to separate power supplies by at least a foot.

The PD Creative mod and the MeanWell SMPS now have over 120hrs on them and sound great! It took 100 hrs to really be fully burned-in and have sweet highs with air, awesome cymbal shimmering, but it’s definitely there now.  I’m considering the Sbooster LPS but it sounds so good now I’m taking my time deciding. 


I ordered the Creative board and budget power supply combo and it took just a few days to arrive. I Installed it last night and gave it a listen for a good hour today running through an MHDT Orchid.  Even in a doubtful, hyper critical frame of mind I found it sweeter on top, tighter on the bottom, much better focus, clarity and inner detail, especially strings and choral. It really won me over.  Smooth. Punchy.  I could feel my ears relax and the sound open up.  For $126 delivered it’s a bargain.

I ordered the board and got an Acopian power supply from ebay, used, for $140. So far, I completely agree with everything above and really appreciated PD Creative.

FYI, the owner of PD Creative said that his family was about to take in two refugee families from Ukraine, so supporting him seems like a no-brainer.


I purchased an N130 blue sound recently. I'd heard a regular 2i on my system and didn't like it at all. My main streaming had been done up till now, via Apple TV 3, Glass fibre optical into Bryston BDA1 DAC. It was a very nice warm open sound, and very musical to me. Nothing harsh about the sound at all. I had wanted to go up to tidal connect at least, and I've been looking for the easiest and best form of accessing my Flac data base, Via USB drive or NAS. To me the software is as important as the equipment. 

Initially I really disliked the sound of the N130. I found it compressed, harsh, lacking in air or wide imaging, no height to the sound. I purchased the PD creative power board and super low noise power supply. VERY easy to take the old board out and put the new one in.

Initially the sound stage opened up dramatically and the imaging is excellent. The bottom end extended beautifully to such an extent to where I've not heard such detailed and musical low end on my system. However, the high mids and top end had been VERY harsh from the onset and with constant playing it wasn't getting any better. I started to have discussions with the guys at PD Creative, and they offered exchange with no fuss whatsoever. I said I'd wait another week to see how it goes. 

So, after a week, I put the old board back in. The sound was definitely better than it had been out of the box, but the brightness and harshness was still in the Bluesound, so I had pin pointed the issue to the blue sound, not the pd creative. PD suggested I give their gear another 20 hours break in at least. Long story short, after another 40 hours of non stop playing, I then turned everything off for 2 days and turned it back on. The sound had changed again, for the better. The top end is sounding much tamer and the combination of pd creative and blue sound just keeps getting more musical and warmer. The detail is excellent, the imaging is huge. Even the analogue out of the blue sound is very acceptable now whereas a few days ago I was ready to throw it in the bin, it had been so harsh. 

Power cables. Be prepared to experiment a LOT with power cables as they make a huge difference to the over all character. If you don't believe so, you're probably on the lucky side. To me, they make a major difference in imagining and presentation. 

I installed the PD Creative power supply mod in a Node 2i powered by an SBooster LPS and I can confirm that it makes a huge difference to an already excellent streamer. Lowered the noise floor, better bass articulation, reduced vocal sibilants, expanded the sound stage and let the music flow.


I installed the PD Creative power supply mod in a Node 2i powered by an iFi iPower Elite 5V power supply. I ran it with the stock power cord and shortly replaced it with an aftermarket power cord I had on hand. Prior to writing this I swapped power cords again and quickly went back to the better cord.  I listen to Tidal and this upgrade was a game changer which I highly recommend. This changed what I thought was a pretty mediocre DAC in the Node to one that is highly listenable with hifi or MQA streams. Amazing what an external dedicated power supply will do. I now bypass the DAC in my Nova 300 and strictly use the Node with the analog outputs. W/o the power cord I now have a $1050 Node and I would definitely do it again. Note that the conversion board took 7 days to deliver  from Poland. and took 30 min to install.

I have a Node 2i being used as both streamer + DAC with the much nicer external PS unit from PD Creative (240V converted to 120V)... wow, what a difference! Wish I could find another one here in the US.

On this system I have the Node 2i w/ best PD PSU setup, RCA out analog with some mid-level Wireworld RCA cables into a Devialet Arch unit, then converted to network to run a pair of the Devialet Phantom I (108)... WOW.

Fist off, I believe the former model 2i sounds a bit better than the newer model Node (N130) version. I have owned/used both at length on two different systems. To my ears, the Node 2i has a bit more laid back, warmer presentation overall... OK, maybe a bit rolled off. But once you tear out the stock PSU of the Node 2i, put the new board in and that external PS.... holy smokies.

I also have a Node 2i in my main system (using a Crystal Cable) digital out to a Schiit Yggdrasil (LIM) DAC - so streamer only on this rig. And then a 3rd Node 2i on a headphone rig, using as both a streamer + DAC into a Schiit Lyr headphone amp. Looking for another PD unit for this setup.

I am SURE there are better streamer/DAC combos or streamer+ DAC combos out there... but for how much more? In my experience with a lot of streamers and DACs over the last maybe 6+ years, it would need to be a lot more $$$ to beat this. Plus... part of the battle is the app... the Bluesound app is great to easily control, sort and play music from Tidal, Amazon HD, Qobuz, etc. I had a streamer DAC unit from Aualic that sounded OK... not as "musical" IMHO and the app was FREAKING TERRIBLE! The overall operation of the unit and playing your music was awful really. For that money... they should be ashamed... really.


This is a very interesting thread.  I just received a Peachtree Gan1 and Bluesound Node package.  For me this is a return to the Node, after having wasted a year with Volumio on a MiniDSP SHD.  That experience gave me a new appreciation for the importance of the user interface software.  Too bad because the hardware was fine.

The situation with the Node is reversed:  the software I know is excellent, but I was ambivalent about the Node hardware until I started reading about upgrades like the PD-Creative offerings.  The interface board is a no-brainer, but I'm unsure about the PSU.  Specifically, should I get the $25 PD smps, or go for a $109 iFi PowerX psu, or just stop being cheap an get the $399 Sbooster psu?  Seems that, based on this thread, all three options produce happy customers.  And then there is the power cord.

For background, I mainly stream music (female vocalists).  Speakers are Wharfedale Jade 3 standmounters.  The Node will be hardwired (cat5) to my router with an English8 switch in between. All except the router plugged into a Furman power conditioner.   Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Most here are opinionated.  I think few have ever evaluated all the variables. Most will agree everything matters, to varying degrees, of course. I never compared power supplies, so I can only say that I have been pleased w my setup.  Certainly a good band for the buck….


PD creative does not make a 120v linear power supply for the Node 2 and 2i at this time.  The person I spoke with on their customer service line indicated that they hope to come out with a 120v LPS during first quarter 2023.

@jetter, I am not sure why you are addressing me directly; I have the SBooster....

Sorry jw, I see now. Skipped through the thread a while ago and assumed you were using the PD switching power supply.

@jw944ts   I had an email exchange with PD (presumably Pavel) about a 120v LPS.  He recommended Sbooster or Jay's Audio.  He didn't say anything about any upcoming PD offering.  Here are the options available now recommended by either PD or Agon members on this thread: 1.) PD interface with Sbooster LPS $537;  2.) PD interface with Jay's LPS $306;  3.) Teddy Pardo Node LPS upgrade $475; 4.) Fidelity Audio Node Pro1 V.2 interface plus psu $538; 5.) Jay's interface and LPS kit for the Node $279.  Prices include shipping except for the Teddy Pardo and exclude any taxes.  Jay's seems to be attractive, especially given PD's recommendation of their LPS.  Anyone have any experience with Jay's Audio?

I use the Jay's LPS with my Node and the PD board. This combination improved my streaming experience. The Jay's LPS is solid, well built. I have no idea how it compares to the Sbooster or Pardo. I am sure they are high quality products, but I wasn't willing to spend over $500 to upgrade a $500 streamer.

So glad I found this thread. Hopefully I can get help. Im interested in the PD Creative board for my Node 2i. Found their website but no contact info. If its at bottom of home page its in Polish. Yes, selected English at top. Can someone please provide contact info?

Im in USA so in need of 110v LPS too. A poster here mentioned Acopian LPS. These are used at my workplace for instrumentation. Options to get 2 or 3 isolated dc outs which would be great to replace wall warts on my other components. Even though these are robust ps, I wonder if there is a difference for audio device LPS?

Thanks for any info!

@Jw944ts thanks, that email still works.

Node 2i upgrade boards available, but the only 110v ac units for USA  are smpsu.

Id like to get feedback on Acopians LPS. I like their multi dc out options and price seems good per rail.

I know these are robust LPS in industry, but what about audio use? Ive only read a couple posters who've used Acopians.