peachtree decco as a preamp:?

Hello Guys,

I was looking to keep upgrading my system. Right now I have a pair of Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand with a REL Q108 sub and an Emotiva UPA-2 power amp. Right now I am just running RCA out of the sound card of my computer and wanted to find a DAC (being that most of my collection at this point is digital and i have a PS3 & cable box that i would like to control). I was wondering how you guys felt about the decco as a preamp? I have looked at a few other options i.e. the Musical Fidelity M1DAC or a PS Audio Digital Link III.

My Other option would be to go with an analog preamp, but I would like to have constant access to the computer if possible.
i have used the origonal decco as a preamp as well as the emotiva usp-1 preamp/musical fidelity vdac with my emotiva xpa-2 amp. i prefer the emotiva preamp with it's bass management and phono section but the decco is fine too. maybe a better tube would improve it? the new deccos offer a better dac and pre i think plus you have some flexibility options. plus ipod dock option. i still use the decco as a integrated and when playing musical chairs with my gear. i,d guess there are many other really good ways to go but they both have advantages. some reviewers have said the decco sounds soft and very laidback.
The Decco is a fine preamp. Many use it in pretty elaborate systems and reviewers have confirmed. The amp section in the Decco is the least stellar of the integration where the unit will sound a bit restrained but still enjoyable. The pre/dac/headphone sections are superb. You should notice a huge difference from your sound card and will sound more spacious, transparent and open than a solid state pre/pro. I used it with a DNA 125 and it was one of the best combos I have owned. I liked it much better than any pre/processor and better than a Bryston BP25 and Adcom 750. From a fidelity standpoint I don't know a better option near the price considering you get a great DAC and headphone amp as well.