Peachree decco and linn tukan?

I'm leaning toward purchasing this setup. Does anybody with experience with the kans think that the decco will drive these speakers well? My room is quite lively and the its 19 x 13. The speakers will be on the 19 foot wall.

the tukans i had were driven by a linn majik 55 watt int. and it did it very well, the decco set up has a good amp, but what concerns me is the pre tubed output...i have in the past understood , in my hearing , that tubes lower the overall bottom end i now for all you tube lovers , that you own either high end powerful tube amps, orhave set unit with very effecient speakers, but linn does not do well with med fi pre tubed amps and preamps, linn does not do well with them, why? , some of you may know more than me, concerning linn, but in owning and listening to the tukans, they like power and they need alot of gain, so in saying this, i would not think the decco would drive the tukans at high output or give them the gain they need for the bottom end . if you are purchasing the decco for the dac/tube/amp combo, then i would use the peachtree era speakers which can be purchased for the same amount but will match better, but if you want the linn tukan sound, then i would buy me a good powered int., such as a majic linn, if you want the tube pre, then a jolida 1501, int amp, pre tube and 100 watts of solid output..hope this makes some kind of sense, i love the tukans and i have also owned the decco and they both are excellent pieces along, but together, i would not do it....
Thanks Dwhitt,

Thats what I was afraid of. Do you think that the era d5 would match best with the peachtree decco or another more efficient monitor?

Thanks dwhitt,

I think that what I'll do. You don't think that the d5s are too inefficient for the decco?
they are sold by , check out their site...they are the same, decco,era