Peachtree Nova with Quad 21l2 speakers

Hi all,

Never-ending! search for the right amp. Is anyone here using the Nova with Quad 21l2 (or similar 6-ohm, or efficiency 87dbs) speakers?

Thanks -- Marty
This is one I am interested in to.DAC,a tube,$1200 (or is it $800).Plus Solos module expandability.It comes to how much do you want to get from those Quads.,They are undeniable fine value so think they might deserve better.I haven't heard Peachtree but read all about and have Quad monitors.This product caught my eye and though I haven't heard it did what you should do and read more about amp.Good features and has very good DAC but sounds like it's not up to sound and better with pair of inefficient desk top monitors computer rig or bedroom system.And not sure it not doing near filed listening that amp will be enough to move those speaker which I think deserve a better integrated.How large is room,seating distance,how loud you want to go etc?The German review that 6moons reposted liked DAC but said amp was so so-.Hell I think my 80 wpc Harmon Kardon 3385 in one of my many second (here kitchen) system would be more satisfying.And just tossing a tube buffer is not same a tube pres section.

That Peatchtree has many nice things in it from a tube to a DAC but look at price point.Even without your medium thirst speakers that tech to be realized would have to cost more.I nice high current Creek would be better.Paying that much for desktop is one thing but those are nice high value speakers that deserve less bells and whistles and better sound.Decent CD or DAC if your going to run USB into it into better amp.There are no free lunches and if it's features sound to be too good to be true than the sound won't produce.It looks overpriced for a desktop computer rig but not enough for what you need.Me I am waiting for a a tube pre Class T amp that puts out 100 watts.I see one on Ebay by a HK shop (that will fold in a year) but now without reviews and a low price so I just won't bite.Were like fish that see shiny lures sometimes but think before you bite.But if you think your going to dive tell us about it.Maybe it fits for what you want from those Quads.But they can "realize" better gear.I think maybe a NAD or Creek would be great side by side if you can arrange it.Still ravfes from Stereo Mojo etc would make it great second or multi media system,But for "this is my rig" where you do all your listening I am not sure that for same or slightly more you could get much more quality.I think reviewers are enamored by "Swiss Army Knife" thing and let "sound" judgement suffer.
Thanks Chazz...
We listen at low volumes, but I want good bass and detail too. Room is around 12 by 20, open to a small dining room.

One thing I am hoping for is an amp (and speaker
change at some point if necessary) that provides good details and soundstage without having to crank it up.