Perfectwave Dac - computer audio options


I have my Perfectwave Dac and also a Sqeezebox Touch. I have Flac files on my PC.

Where to go from here:

1. Buy a 2010 Mac Mini as a server and run USB to the PW Dac?
2. Buy a 2010 Mac Mini as a server and run a M2Tech USB to coax cable to my PW Dac?
3. Use my Touch coax into my PW Dac as I am now doing.
4. Put my money into the new Bridge from PS Audio and stream files from my PC.
5. Put my money into the new Bridge from PS Audio and stream files from new 2010 Mac Mini? (most expensive option)

Needless to say, this gets a bit confusing on where to go from here for the best performance.

If I purchased a new Mac Min, I would probably by Pure Music to run on it too, based on what I have read.

The upcoming Bridge is priced about equal to a new Mac Mini. I like Rhapsody and Pandora in addition to my music files.

Any experiences or help?

Don't rule out the "mini" toslink optical on the Mac Mini. When used with a polished glass optical cable terminated with a mini plug (no adaptors), the optical is better than most "audiophiles" give it credit.

You say you have FLAC files, but iTunes doesn't support FLAC. How do you plan on dealing with this issue?

I recommend trying Pure Music after you get your setup finished, and even then, I'm skeptical about third party software programs at this point. Take it one step at a time.
If you like to get the best out of the PWD, you need the PWT with the PSA I2S-12 HDMI connection. The second best is thru the Bridge. If you don't take advantage of these two methods, you don't need the PWD in the first place.

Once you hear the PWT/PWD combo with the RR HRx disc, you will not turn back.
Definitely put your money into the Bridge (why own the PWD if you’re not going to get the Bridge). Use your current PC with some interim server software (Twonky works fine) until the forthcoming Tag-N-Play server is released from PS Audio.

Eventually, you can eliminate your PC from the equation altogether - PS will be releasing a router that incorporates their TNP server. There’s no sense in buying a new computer for the Bridge-based music server. In this system, the only purpose of the computer is to run the server software. Basically, the Bridge pulls everything straight from your hard drives (bypassing all of the computer’s audio processors).

Hi Ballan,
If I would get a Mac Mini, I would rip my CD's over again. I can convert the FLAC files I have with DB poweramp converter if needed.

Dtsag and 2,
Sounds like waiting for the Bridge is a good idea.
I still need a way to get Pandora and Rhapsody into the PW Dac if I get rid of the Touch.
Get the Bridge, it will sound as good as the PWT. Keep the Touch for Pandora and Rhapsody. Stream from either your PC or get a NAS.
I thought the Touch was only being used as a remote to control the music coming from the PC to the DAC?
The Squeezebox Touch is used as a streamer to stream files from the PC to the PW Dac.
i own the ps audio ps\wt and pwd. i also own ps audio's most expensive hdmi cable. i find it my least favorite interface.

i also have the ess sabre dac (minimax dac). for the price, it is a much better value than the pwd and gives it a run for its mony, at 1/4 the retail price.

i think the transport is a better component, relative to other transportsa than the pwd is relative to other dacs.

there is nothing like having a tube in a dac.
Why not try a different HDMI Cable. Call Frank at Signal Cable and try his cable. It sounds great, with a much different musical perspective than the PS Audio. I have both. I like both. But the PS Audio appeart to be more forward and bold sound that with certain speakers (and recordings) is just what the Doctor ordered. However I find myself listening most often to the Signal Cable HDMI. Frank has a fully refundable trial offer. I don't like to describe things as more analog or tube sounding, but that would be a good comparison. The Signal Cable HDMI I believe has both copper and silver wire in its present incarnation. (Though it could be just copper also!) I'm sure the Sabre DAC is nice, I've heard that from other people. However experimentation with another HDMI might be the way to go hear if you've not tried something else.
Best wishes and happy listening!
Someone on commented The new HiFace EVO USB to AEU sounds nearly as good as the PWT. I personally will be receiving my bridge from the first production badge within the next few days and hope this is is good as it gets. Little concerned about the iPhone app and stability usability issues streaming from a NAS though. Will know more next week.
Just installed the bridge on my PWD. (my system is PWD -> Krell 400XI -> MIT cables -> B&W 803S)

I can't seem to tell a HUGE difference in sound quality playing FLAC files between the Bridge from my NAS OR Toslink from my MacMini (using Songbird to play). Maybe there is a slight difference but a $700 difference? Hmmm...not sure. But to be fair, I only spend less than 48 hours w/ the Bridge. I'll need to continue my listening.

Net net so far:

- Bridge: nice and very convenient w/ NAS especially with ipod,pad or upcoming Tag-N-Play server.
- For $700, you can buy a used MacMini + used iPad/pod to accomplish pretty much the same output....slightly more cluttered but not a HUGE degradation in sound output.

My 2 cents.
Sangykim - This comes as a surprise. My brdige sounds close to my Marantz ud9004 (with AC-12 powercable, and silent running audio platform), which is less of a surprise. However, the bridge should trounce toslink straight from a computer.

To me the bridge certainly sounds much better than playing directly from the PC using the Transit USB to Toslink converter into the PWD, which is comparable to your MacMini setup.